Tuleto "james" sengeny


Maasai Elder, Naturalist, and #1 GO Safari Guide


Outside GO is defined not only by beautiful locations worldwide, but by the exceptional guides who make adventures in these remote locations possible. These capable and efficient men and women have become family, and there is no better example than Tuleto "James" Sengeny, who has been guiding with our team for over 20 years.

James has always had a keen interest in wildlife, as he was born and raised in a village situated within the greatest wildlife area in the world—Kenya’s Masai Mara. As a young child, James, his brothers, and his friends would track elephant and lion on foot and chase wildebeest in their own backyard. It was from a very young age that James developed his keen tracking skills and he has since become one of the premier guides in Kenya. Today James continues to live in the Mara with his family, continuing to share his prolific knowledge with the community and visitors alike. 
James began guiding with Chip Cunningham throughout Kenya and Tanzania in the early 90’s and then went on to become a head guide at Ol Donyo Wuas from 1994 to 1997.  James continued guiding at the Masai Mara’s Rekero from 1997 to 2009 before branching out on his own as an independent guide.  
He has travelled extensively throughout Kenya and is fascinated by botany, insects, and birds–although watching a troupe of baboons chase off a pride of lions will make his day–and will certainly make yours as he narrates the antics! His impersonations are legendary and keep everyone in stitches as you witness the real life dramas and comedies of the Mara by his side.

James has always had an uncanny ability to bring everything to life. He finds as much joy in the “little five” as he does in the “big five,” loves exploring with children, and does it all with his trademarked kind disposition and wicked sense of humor. He is immensely popular with our guests and highly sought-after, making James our premier Maasai GO guide!