Safari to the Uncharted Outposts of Tanzania

Safari to the Uncharted Outposts of Tanzania



This nine-day journey is a true old-style safari that ranges from great grasslands to unspoiled jungles, with a boggling array of prime megafauna upon which to feast your eyes.

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Africa has a way of making us feel very small while simultaneously creating a feeling of intense interconnectedness with the land and its life.


This feeling exerts a fierce pull, and it’s one of the many reasons we always go back for more. And this trip is one of the greatest we’ve been fortunate enough to experience—a magnificent, otherworldly week spent in Western Tanzania. If you’re looking for the wildest, least-visited, and most amazing parks in Africa, this is definitely the escape for you. This nine-day journey is a true old-style safari that ranges from great grasslands to unspoiled jungles, with a boggling array of prime megafauna upon which to feast your eyes: elephants, hippos, crocodiles, water buffalo, zebra, chimpanzees, and more. It also happens to feature one of the most striking, unbelievable outposts we've ever seen—Greystoke Mahale, resting right on the beach. Read on to find out how we take you there.

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Day 1

Arusha, Tanzania



After a long international flight Machweo offers the perfect spot for rejuvenation before your journey into the Tanzanian wild begins.  Just a short drive away from Kilimanjaro International Airport, you'll arrive in Tanzania where a private vehicle will be waiting to bring you to the relaxing retreat Machweo offers to its guests.


Days 2, 3, 4

Katavi National Park



Katavi National Park is remote, isolated, and truly wild.  It's inaccessibility means only the most intrepid travelers have the privilege of enjoying its powerful safaris.  Chada Katavi is your key to the wilderness.  The camp itself is small and intimate, ensuring little impact on the surrounding environment.  The 6 safari tents seem so much a part of the landscape it isn't uncommon to be able to view game right through your tent flaps. The remoteness of the area is highlighted on a famous Katavi walking safari.  Without the noise of a safari vehicle or the presence of a large group, your guide will be able to get you closer to wildlife than you dared to dream of.  Spend one of your nights out in the bush at a remote fly-camp where you'll dine on a candlelit three course dinner. As you stare out over the expansive African plains you might just have to remind yourself that the hustle and bustle of the rest of the world still exists.


Days 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Mahale Mountains National Park



Once you've finished walking and fly-camping in the vast and untrammeled Katavi Wilderness you'll find yourself monkeying around at Greystoke Mahale in search of chimpanzees. Getting here is part of the excitement! It's remote waterside location means a flight in isn't an option, instead you'll have an unforgettable scenic boat ride to bring you to this almost deserted beach.  Imagine sailing down the shoreline of Lake Tanganyika, one of the few unspoiled ecosystems on the planet, to find what may be one of the most unique camps in the world.  Here you will have the privileged opportunity to track and witness daily life in the chimpanzee community.  This powerful experience is framed with Mahale's other exciting activity options.  Here you can hike forest paths, dive into pools underneath mountain waterfalls, and kayak out into Lake Tanganyika when you wake up to watch the sunrise over the mountains. You'll wind down with a star-lit meal on the shore, just a stone's throw away from your open-air room and the extensive jungle enveloping the surrounding hills.  Just make sure you watch out for crocs when you stroll along the beach afterwards, soaking up every last minute in this isolated paradise.



  • A walking safari in Africa’s wildest west

  • Fly-camping under the African stars

  • A twitcher's paradise—bird watching galore

  • Jungle lunches and moonlit beach dinners

  • Chimp-trekking in the Mahale forests

  • Experience the local culture

  • Utterly empty beaches

  • Canoeing, fishing, swimming, and snorkeling Lake Tanganyika

  • Barefoot paradise: a beach escape in the middle of the jungle

  • Rare antelope sightings of roan and sable

  • Epic encounters with lion, leopard, and buffalo

  • World's second deepest freshwater lake




Uncharted Tanzania


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