This is Namibia: Stars Above, Sand Below

This is Namibia: Stars Above, Sand Below



This breathtaking air safari takes you on a sweeping tour of the natural wonders and diverse wildlife to be found in arid Southwestern Africa. You'll stay in one seriously epic base camp, too.

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This is Namibia: Stars Above, Sand Below


The burning coast is beckoning to you, welcoming you to this enchanting and unforgettable land. Namibia is a world untouched by the outside, and she's ready to be explored and to share her wonders with you.


This breathtaking air safari takes you on a sweeping tour of the natural wonders and diverse wildlife to be found in arid Southwestern Africa. Your odyssey begins on the wing, giving you an eye-opening vantage of Namibia’s colossal, undulating dunes. From here you head north, past abandoned diamond mines, along the legendary burning shore of the treacherous Skeleton Coast, once known for the endless bones left behind by whalers. Now, its sands are littered with the remains of more than a thousand shipwrecks. Here, the Atlantic here is also home to seal colonies and flamingos, among other wildlife. Next, it’s on to rugged Damaraland, with its desert-adapted elephants and black rhinos, before traveling to the shimmering salt pans of Etosha, abounding with a surprising array of African fauna. 

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Days 1-2

Kulala Reserve


You’ll begin your desert expedition at Little Kulala, spending the next two nights exploring the Sossusvlei region.  You'll be staying in the Kulala Wilderness Reserve, which provides convenient access to the splendor of the towering red dunes of the Namib. The world-famous Sossusvlei is an enormous clay pan, flanked by the famous sand dunes that stand out starkly against the blue sky and flush red in the early morning sun.  Desert-adapted wildlife can be spotted throughout the landscapes of Namibia, including hyena, aardwolf, and rhino.  A wide range of insects, reptiles, and rodents make their home in this arid land; the call of the barking gecko at twilight is the quintessential sound of the desert.


Days 3-6

Skeleton Coast National Park


Leaving the sandy dunes make your way to the your next destination - an ancient rock strewn landscape of a previous glacial era. Enjoy a scenic flight over the Namib Desert for a different perspective of the “dune sea". After flying along a section of coastline to Swakopmund for refuelling, head onwards to your next hitching post at the brand new Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp.  This open-air oasis is located in one of the driest areas in all of Africa, the Skeleton Coast.  Known as "The Land God Made in Anger" by the Bushmen of the Namibian interior, this stretch of land is named after the whalebones and shipwrecks that dot the coast, byproducts of the historical whaling industry.  Now, the 6,200 square mile Skeleton Coast National Park is home to a wilderness area, saltpans, and a boisterous seal colony at Cape Fria.  Here you are given the chance to explore this starkly beautiful landscape over the next four days. 


Days 7-10

Hartmann Valley


Continue north to one of the most remote camps in southern Africa. The Kunene River is the only source of water in this region.  It creates an oasis along its banks - a winding band of green surrounded by the lunar-like landscape of the Namib Desert.  On the banks of this river is Serra Cafema, arguably one of the most remote camps in Southern Africa, and the perfect way to complement a stay in Namibia's rugged outback.  Just because Serra Cafema is surrounded by Namibia's token desert, doesn't mean there isn't anything to do.  Your days will be filled with quad-bike adventures, trips down the Kunene River, and nature drives in Hartmann Valley learning about this delicate terrain and searching for the reclusive desert chameleon. In this isolated area, the Himba people continue their traditional semi-nomadic way of life.  When they are in the area, you are welcome to learn about their lifestyle and customs - truly a stark contrast to our Westernized way of life!  Indeed, as you depart for home, this incredible meeting of two cultures may be the memory you most cherish.


Why Go on This Trip

  • The ultimate wildlife and desert air safari, perfect for families, friends, couples, and honeymooners

  • Exceptionally diverse variety of activities, including day and night nature drives, sea- and land-based wildlife viewing, and ballooning

  • Meeting local Damara people

  • A motor-boat lagoon trip in Walvis Bay

  • A dawn hot-air balloon safari over the Namibian dunes

  • Tracking rhinos in the wild

  • Amazing photographic opportunities

  • Unforgettable landscapes, wildlife & cultural experiences

  • Dining under the clear, star-spangled Namibian skies


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Namibia Stars Above, Sand Below


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