Moroccan Soul

Moroccan Soul



Morocco is a land of mystery and enchantment. The marketplaces reveal sounds and scents that entice us. The fascinating architecture speaks to an ancient culture. The Atlas Mountains offer vistas of immense beauty.  This itinerary spends two weeks traversing Morocco and all it's hidden gems.

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Morocco’s mystique has attracted adventurers for centuries: the allure of its ancient cities, vast desert, towering mountains, and windswept coastlines is irresistible.


The labyrinthine medina of Marrakesh is legendary, a cultural hotbed dating back at least as far as the 11th century and now recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Beyond its walls lie the great Atlas Mountains, Sahara Desert, Mediterranean Sea, and Atlantic Ocean. Steeped in classical Arab culture and the wild beauty of Northern Africa, our Moroccan journey ushers you into an ancient and vibrant way of life—minus the turmoil that currently exists in other Arab nations. Morocco is not only peaceful; its wiles and wonders are plentiful, and there’s no better way to experience this rich culture than on this two week journey. From the Atlantic coast to the slopes of the Atlas Mountains, with cities and deserts in between, this adventure is a legendary sampler of Morocco's absolute best.

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Days 1, 2, 3



We begin our Moroccan adventure by exploring Marrakesh, which has been inhabited since neolithic times and rises oasis-like from the edge of the snow-capped Atlas Mountains. Swaying palms everywhere inspire you to slow down as you explore the old town’s distinct ochre-colored buildings. The heart of Marrakesh is its medina, where souks, mosques, and madrassas dominate. Enter through its gates and wander behind giant fortified walls through an unruly warren of souks, where at every turn you’ll encounter brilliant mounds of spices, glimmering silks, and all manner of food, clothing, art, and wares. At sunset, in the famous Jemaa el-Fnaa square, you’ll enter a wonderland of jugglers, storytellers, snake charmers, acrobats, and vendors, all busy at what their forebears have done for centuries. Take to the skies in a hot air balloon for a rarely seen view of this enchanting city.


Days 4, 5



After the bustling crowds and vibrancy of Marrakech, today we head for the coast and the charming fishing port of Essaouira. This seaside resort town welcomes guests with a gentle invitation. The narrow alleyways of the Medina beckon wanderers to witness artisans at work over their creations. As you navigate the city you’ll see testimonies to the glorious past Essaouira boasts. Sitting at the crossroads of African, European, and Arab civilizations has left distinct traces on the history and architecture of this memorizing city. We encourage you to leave the winding corridors of the old city for a stunning walk on the beach and some kitesurfing in the Atlantic Ocean!


Day 6



Berber culture is on full display in your next destination, the walled city of Taroudant. Your arrival is perfectly timed for you to enjoy a late lunch by the pool before you head out for a stroll of what is often called “Little Marrakech”. This market town is a window into the trading of the Berbers as they barter over local produce. In Taroudant’s souqs, unlike Marrakech’s counterparts, you can take a moment to catch your breath as you explore a genuine Moroccan marketplace without the press of crowds and tourists.


Day 7



A half day of traveling brings you to the town of Zagora in the sweeping Sahara. Set in the valley of the Draa River, surrounded by lush palm groves, your boutique lodge is a haven of tranquility, surrounded by an oasis of lush palm trees. Step away from the hotel’s swimming pool and head to a hammam, a Moroccan bathhouse and spa, for some well-deserved R&R.


Day 8, 9



The fabled sands of the Sahara are up next. You’ll spend two nights in a traditional Berber camp, chock-full of Nomadic creature comforts, exploring this gorgeous desert on camels, taking guided treks, and sipping sundowners on the dunes. Enjoy breakfast below the morning sun and indulge in dinner under the stars. You’ll be star struck, marveling at the festooned radiance of the Saharan night sky.


Day 10



The charm of your next destination won’t be lost on you as you enter this traditional adobe house. You’ll find it amidst the lush palm groves of Skoura, inviting guests to indulge in authentic desert oasis life. The cuisine, a delicious combination of Moroccan and Mediterranean flavors, is something we encourage you to put on your must try list! Soak up the luxury you’ll find in this oasis before you set off for two nights in the Atlas Mountains.


Days 11, 12, 13



The Ourika Valley is calling as you head up into the Atlas Mountains. Be prepared to be awestruck by the mighty views Kasbah Bab Ourika boasts. Set on a hilltop the 360 degree panoramic views take in everything from the snowy peaks of the Atlas Mountains above to the lush olive, orange, and lemon groves below. A full menu of options for exploring this incredible landscape is available for you. An epic mountain-bike ride through a landscape of stark limestone peaks and verdant valleys. Spectacular hikes through Berber villages, unchanged through the centuries. A mule ride through a beautiful National Park to a charming Berber village where a traditional lunch with a local family will be waiting for you. The experiences here are vast and memorable, we know you’ll find it to be the perfect coda to this amazing journey, surrounded by endless adventure.



  • Get lost in the maze of the ancient Medina

  • Explore at dusk Marrakech's D'jemâa el Fna, teeming with snake charmers, soothsayers, herbalists and musicians

  • Camel ride under the stars in the Sahara

  • Shop for rugs, shoes, spices and so much more

  • Explore the Atlantic coast surfing, kiteboarding, soaking, swimming, or biking

  • Enjoy the incredible culture of Morocco (Don’t forget a Hammam!)

  • Hike with a Berber guide and meet their family



Moroccan Soul



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