This is the Trip of Your Dreams in Morocco

This is the Trip of Your Dreams in Morocco



An itinerary overflowing with urban thrills and ancient cityscapes, with a luxury desert haven thrown in for good measure as well. Regardless of where you lay your head, you'll never be far from Morocco's intoxicating culture on this adventure.

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This is the Trip of Your Dreams in Morocco




Morocco is an urban traveler’s dream, with ancient cities surrounded by vast desert and mountain landscapes that create an inescapable pull to those seeking creative and romantic inspiration.


Morocco is a destination that continues to attract a variety of explorers from near and far. And if you’re anything like us, you’re interested in learning more about this rich cultural hotbed and seeing it with your own two eyes. This 13-day trip takes you through the best the country has to offer, but really, it’s just an introduction.

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Days 1-2



After touching down in Casablanca, set your sights for the 1200 year old city of Fes. The history and traditions of this city and her people are enchanting. Often given the title of ‘Cultural Capital’, Fes practically throbs with energy, and your time here is spent soaking up as much of it as possible. The beautiful gates of the Royal Palace, the mind-boggling ancient medina of Fes el-Bali, and the colorful souks you’ll find hidden in the maze of the old city’s lanes are all on your agenda. At times the streets you’ll be exploring will shrink in size and you’ll be mesmerized by craftsmen working streetside, much as they have for generations. The next moment, you’ll round a bend and find yourself in an open courtyard, with a bubbling fountain calling you out from the labyrinth of the narrow lanes. Around every corner is a new scent, a new taste, a new sight. Fes overwhelms your senses in the best possible way.


Day 3



Morocco’s capital, Rabat, is the next stopping point on your journey, but en-route we have some special stops to make. The Imperial City of Meknes, a former capital of Morocco, boasts one of the finest imperial gateways in Morocco, whose spectacular adornments and array of colors will encourage many a photograph. The medina here gives you a chance to experience a more laid back version of Moroccan life than what you saw in Fes. Explore the streets alongside locals going about their day’s business, without the press of tourists hurrying you on. The next stop on your road trip is the well preserved Roman ruins of Volubilis, dating back to the 1st and 2nd centuries. The ancient mosaics are an eternal favorite as you walk amidst the ruins, imagining the artisans who spent so many hours crafting these beautiful pieces. The options for historical exploration on this trip will undoubtedly surpass anything you’ve ever known.


Days 4-5



Before you leave the seaside capital for the Atlas Mountains you’ll be treated to a morning exploring this city, a spot that isn’t on many tourists maps (though we think it should be!). You’ll travel with your local guide and driver downtown to the Royal Palace, the Tour Hassan, the Mausoleum of Mohamed V, and the old fortress Chellah with views of the city stretching out below. After your morning of exploring you’ll depart for the foothills of the Atlas Mountains and your next luxury lodgings. Words don’t do enough to conjure the magic that Kasbah Tamadot evokes for those lucky enough to visit here. Perched atop a hill with sweeping vistas in every direction the atmosphere is one of elegant comfort. The lantern lit courtyards, the popping array of colors in the unique guestrooms, and the High Atlas mountains rising behind you all combine to create the perfect basecamp to explore this fascinating area. Dive into local life with a mule ride through the nearby National Park before arriving at a home-cooked meal which you’ll share with a local family in a charming Berber village. This intimate peek into the life of the mountain people is a memory you’ll cherish long after you have said your goodbyes.


Day 6



From one phenomenal example of Moroccan architecture to another, today you are whisked away to Skoura, on the Saharan side of the Atlas Range. This Moroccan escape is surreal and mystical, set amidst the palm grove of Skoura, with reconstructed architecture and decor evoking the original 19th-century Kasbah. With detailed care the architects crafted passages that twist throughout the building, opening suddenly onto terraces with views of the snow-capped mountains or the surrounding 4,500-acre palm grove. Discover the unexpected as you enjoy a stay here, sampling scrumptious local cuisine, napping beneath a garden canopy, or soaking in the pool under the warm Moroccan sun.


Day 7



If the desert has ever evoked the explorer’s spirit within you, these next few days may very well be the highlight of your trip. Azalai Lodge, an ‘Out of Africa’ themed boutique hotel serves as your basecamp for a night on the edge of the Sahara Desert. The impossibly mighty desert sands extend in every direction as you enjoy your dinner from the comfort of the shaded garden, watching the sun set beneath a distant dune.  This retreat has been designed to be a haven for mind and body, a perfect space from which to relax and rejuvenate before heading out into the sands of the Sahara.


Days 8-9

Sahara Desert


Today, the dunes you admired over last night’s dinner become your next home. Set out into the vast Sahara in search of Erg Chigaga, a luxury desert camp that has perfected the blend of modern amenities and traditional Berber design. Your schedule here can be as full or empty as you desire. Perhaps camel treks across the dunes, sand boarding, or visiting the nearby oasis are what appeals to you. We won’t blame you though if you feel most drawn to a leisurely afternoon sipping ice-cooled drinks in the Berber lounge, comfortably seated on one of the myriad pouffes and traditional mattresses lain out around you. Meals under the stars are often followed by informal music and drumming as the camp fire provides the only light for miles. A stay here is not easily replicated and never forgotten. We promise the tranquility of the immense desert won’t leave you after your departure from her mighty dunes.


Day 10



After your time in the desert dunes a familiar sight welcomes you this morning as you arrive back in Zagora for another night at the Azalai Desert Lodge. May we recommend a dip in the pool or a blissfully welcome massage at the hammam? Excursions to the nearby Tizgui Falls, picnics on the banks of the River Draa, or a trip to the Zaouia Naciria Library for some desert history can be arranged at your pleasure. Azalai offers you the perfect stepping stone from the wilds of the desert to the wilds of your next destination...Marrakech.


Days 11-14



Vibrant. Chaotic. Inviting. This is Marrakech, and it is yours to explore. The urban and historical exploration continues as you check out the Saadien Tombs in the Kasbah, the Bahia Palace, the Jewish quarter known as the Mellah, and more. The Dar Si Said Museum of Moroccan Art and the Medrasa and Marrakech Museums await in the the Medina. The souks (marketplaces) are a labyrinth of every sight you can imagine. Challenge yourself to take in everything, from the rainbow of colors that fill the length of each street to the exquisitely detailed embroidery on the kasbahs. You’ll have a chance to experiment with the hundreds of spices on display in the market at a Moroccan cooking class as well, we know you’ll want to be able to bring these flavors back to your own kitchen! Your accommodation in the city, at Villa des Orangers, is a haven from the pulse of the streets. The architecture is distinctly Moroccan, with a lush garden set in a center courtyard with corridors leading off, beckoning you to discover the hidden green patios and traditional fountains. A stay in Marrakech is truly an adventure from start to finish. The thrill of observing a way of life so different from your own, yet so at peace in the modern world is exhilarating. The moment you board your plane for home, you’ll be ready to return to this enchanting land.


Why Go on This Trip

  • Extensive insights into the culture and history of Morocco

  • Immerse yourself in the brilliant drama of Moroccan markets

  • Tour by car to see a country steeped in classical Arab culture and the wild beauty of Northern Africa

  • Camp on the edge of the Sahara Desert in a private tent beneath the stars

  • Seek inspiration at beautiful and mystical Dar Ahlam Skoura where your dining location is a nightly surprise

  • Stay at exclusive, hand-curated properties and hotels rich with traditional decor

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