Snow Leopards and Tigers: The Ultimate Indian Conservation Safari

Snow Leopards and Tigers: The Ultimate Indian Conservation Safari



Our first departure into India, this 17-day safari takes you to the highest mountains we’ve ever scaled in search of some of the most exciting wildlife on earth, and directly into the beating heart of a culture that is more than ready to be explored.

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Snow Leopards and Tigers: The Ultimate Indian Conservation Safari


Our first departure into India, this 17-day safari takes you to the highest mountains we’ve ever scaled in search of some of the most exciting wildlife on earth, and directly into the beating heart of a culture that is more than ready to be explored.


Whatever you imagine when you think of India, chances are you are in for a fantastic surprise. This is a land with rich history, colorful markets, serene monasteries, and some of the most remote mountainous regions on the planet. We take you through spice markets where tasty kebabs and rich incense line the alleyways, to the doorsteps of ancient buddhist temples, and down backroads in the Indian Himalayas where ibex and snow leopards leap from one rocky outcropping to another. Finally, you’ll experience Pench National Park, where tigers and jungle cats roam and endangered flora grows in groves. Whether you are celebrating a honeymoon, a multi-generational family retreat, or just looking for a spontaneous destination you’ve never considered, we can assure you that this is the Indian safari of your dreams.      


Days 1-2

Explore the Beating Heart of Delhi



Your Indian adventure kicks off in the capital of India—Delhi. With an ancient past and flourishing modern touches, Delhi is the third largest city in India and one of the fastest growing in all of Asia. The culture, food, and attitude of its residents reflects this bustling spirit. Get settled in on your first day and check in to the Imperial, your home for the next two nights.

After breakfast on the second day, get ready to hit the ground running! You’ll be sightseeing in vibrant and sometimes chaotic Old Delhi, where relics of the Mughal Empire abound. Visit India’s second largest and perhaps most beautiful mosque, the Jama Masjid, then walk through the spice markets and lively shops of this 17th century imperial city. You’ll spend much of the day on your own feet or taking traditional rickshaw rides with your guide. After lunch, you will be joined by a historian for an evening to remember. You will explore Ferozshah Kotla Fort for its unique Sufi traditions of the "Djinns of Delhi,” followed by visit to the Sufi Dargah of Khwaja Mehboob-e-Ilahi Nizamuddin Auliya. Meander lanes where the mundane and mystical blend seamlessly, jostle with crowds who sell kaftans and kebabs, flowers and fragrances, masalas and meats. This is a place where the living and breathing eternal wisdom of the Sufi mystics and their music fill the incense-laden air, and where spiritual healings teach us lessons of love, hope, and co-existence even today. 


Days 3-4

Adjust to the Altitude at Over 11,000 Feet



On the third day, you’ll head to the airport for your flight to Leh. That afternoon get acclimatized to the high altitude and settle in to your accommodation for the next two nights, the Grand Dragon. The city of Leh is nestled in two of the world’s biggest mountain ranges, home to numerous monasteries and also the elusive snow leopard. Take the fourth day to visit several palaces and monasteries and get adapted to the thin air at 11,450 feet. You will want to drink a lot of water, move a bit slower, and be careful not to stress out your body during this time. At sunset, take the opportunity to photograph Shanti Stupa, a beautiful white-domed monastery, from Leh Palace.


Days 5-10

Experience the Land of the Snow Leopards



The following day you will transfer by car 2-3 hours to arrive at your base camp, Snow Leopard Lodge, for the next six nights. Pass through the small town of Nimmu, where the Zanskar River meets the Indus, and on to Likir, one of Ladakh’s famous Buddhist monasteries. The landscape is tremendous and vast, and eventually closes in as you continue up a narrow valley. Your guide will be on the lookout for resident snow leopards and ibex throughout different portions of the drive.

Your time at Snow Leopard Lodge will be spent in a lovely pattern of eating an authentic breakfast each morning, discussing the day’s plan with spotters and guides, and then embarking on an adventure in search of the mysterious and gorgeous snow leopards who call this area home. There are thought to be only between 3,500-7,000 of these cats left in the wild, making them some of the most difficult to find wildlife in the world. With the help of expert trackers you have a good chance of spotting one with your own eyes, but such moments are indeed rare!


Days 11-12

Transfer to Nagpur via Leh



On the eleventh day of your adventure, you’ll head back to Leh. Enjoy the rest of your day at the Grand Dragon. The next morning  you’ll transfer to the airport after breakfast for your flight to Nagpur for the next portion of your trip. This evening you’ll be staying at the Radisson Hotel.


Days 13-16

Safari in Pench National Park Where the Big Cats Roam



Next, you’ll head for Pench National Park, a short three-hour drive from Nagpur. The park, 293-square-miles in size, is tucked into the lower reaches of the Satpura Hills. Rich in biodiversity (over 1,200 species of plants have been recorded in the area), the park was designated as a tiger reserve in 1992 and is home to the highest density of herbivores in all of India. Leopard, tiger, jungle cat, wild dog, sloth bear, wild boar, mongoose, and guar (also called Indian bison) are also all found in the area.

Situated in the Village of Jamtara, Jamtara Wilderness Camp will be your home for the next four nights. This luxurious tented property is in the heart of rural Pench, right outside the national park. The private canvas tents are just the right amount of comfort mixed with authentic Indian safari feel. Arjuna trees and ancient banyan provide shade, while the dry riverbed below forms the perfect setting for this jungle experience. For the ultimate in romance, a “Machaan” night can be arranged in which you will sleep on a stilted platform complete with plush four-poster bed. Local farmers who own the land beneath the platform benefit, and you’ll get to enjoy an unimpeded view of the night sky along with the excitement of watching for wildlife that might pass by below in the night.

During your time at Jamtara Wilderness Camp you will get to experience jungle safaris every morning and afternoon with resident naturalist and guides in true Outside GO style.


Day 17

Begin the Journey Home



The final day of your epic Indian safari, you will enjoy one final breakfast at Jamtara Wilderness Camp before departing to Nagpur. Fly back to Delhi and check into the JW Marriott so that you are in an easy location to make your next transfer, whether it’s to home or another part of the world!


Why Go on This Trip

  • Explore the busy streets of Delhi with a guide and historian who will take you on a rickshaw ride, through spice markets, and the very best of Old Delhi

  • Explore the city of Leh where checking out the ancient monasteries and palaces of the area is a great way to get acclimated to the high altitude

  • Take a scenic road trip to Snow Leopard Lodge high in the Indian Himalayas, where you will spend several days tracking snow leopards with expert spotters and guides

  • Go on safari in Pench National Park where tigers and jungle cats roam

  • Sleep in a canvas tent or go for the romantic option, a open-air sleeping arangement on stilts in the wild


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