Australian Outback Luxury

Australian Outback Luxury



Australia is an epic adventure and a traveler's dream. With insider knowledge and hidden gems, we've created something special. This itinerary was hand-crafted to showcase Australia's best.

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Australia is an epic adventure and a traveler's dream. With insider knowledge and hidden gems, we've created something special. This itinerary was hand-crafted to showcase Australia's best.  


This 9-day journey offers the ultimate luxurious stay in Oz! From a start in iconic Sydney, to a journey into the Blue Mountains, and a finish at an island retreat on the Great Barrier Reef - this adventure has you truly living in the lap of luxury.  The stunning sights, delectable cuisine, sumptuous lodging, and always thrilling adventures packed into this itinerary make it the premiere luxury trip down under.

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Days 1, 2




Start this epic Aussie journey in Sydney, where no sight will be left unseen and no mouth-watering gourmet experience left untasted. Explore the city with our expert guides, getting behind the scenes with a red-carpet experience, and cruise alongside the world-famous racing yachts in Sydney Harbour. For a spectacular bird's eye view, hop on a seaplane for a view of Sydney from above. With such hypnotic views of the Opera House right out your hotel window, this is the perfect way to savor the glory of Sydney before hitting the road for the wild Blue Mountains.


Days 3, 4, 5

Wolgan Valley



Next up (and over...the mountains that is) we have you exploring Australia’s finest outback destination. Let’s just say it’s a little less Crocodile Dundee, and a lot more heaven! Emirates Wolgan Valley is Australia’s first conservation-focused luxury resort, and it perches lightly on a private 4,000-acre wildlife reserve. Ancient ranges frame the sublime 16-mile long Wolgan Valley, a place of haunting beauty. Though you’ll get exceptional service and suites you won’t ever want to leave, we must insist that you step outside and play in this gigantic wilderness wonderland. Take your pick from the activities or do them all, like exploring Aboriginal culture, observing kangaroos in a safari Jeep, or jumping on a trusty steed and riding deep into the valley. Each day begins with it a misty morning and ends with sundowners beneath the staggering cliffs.


Days 6, 7, 8, 9

Great Barrier Reef



Hamilton Island in the Whitsundays is your next destination. Sitting on a point with commanding views over the ocean, Qualia Resort is stylish, contemporary, and sophisticated. The perfect base camp for all aquatic adventures, Qualia is for couples looking for a romantic escape. Leave your worries, and your kids, at home. Complete with a lavish spa and a world-class chef for a delicious dining experience, this water sports center in the Whitsunday Islands is a veritable treasure trove of aquatic adventures. We couldn’t pick just one favorite. Flying in a helicopter high over the waves, dangling toes off the edge of an infinity pool, snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef, cruising on a gigantic 17-foot catamaran...the offerings at Qualia come together to create the perfect ocean style safari for all. You'll spend three glorious nights in this island paradise, wondering if it would be possible to simply stay here forever!



  • Sydney before going to the outback

  • Bask in luxury at Australia's first conservation-led resort, Wolgan Valley

  • Horseback ride or 4WD through the wildlife reserve

  • Visit the Whitsunday Islands and the Great Barrier Reef

  • Explore the coast via catamaran and helicopter

  • Get your feet wet in infinity pools and with a snorkel around the Qualia resort




Australia Outback Luxury

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