The Top 5 Bear-Viewing Trips Around the World

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The Top 5 Bear-Viewing Trips Around the World


We’ve matched our top trips in different regions of the world with a different bear species—spectacled, spirit, polar, koala, and grizzly. Which one is for you?



Beauty and the Beasts of the Arctic (Trip 32)


Track polar bears, beluga whales, and other unique creatures of these far-northern latitudes with some of the planet’s most renowned polar explorers and longtime residents, who will also serve as your partners for fly-fishing, hiking, and kayaking some of the wildest terrain still used by Inuit peoples.



Galápagos Islands in Safari Style (Trip 7)


This one-of-a-kind safari takes you to the best of the Galápagos Islands and ends with a grand finale at a historic hacienda in the Andean foothills of Ecuador. Famous around the world, the Galápagos Islands offer endless opportunities to explore a unique abundance of life in a natural setting unlike any other found on earth. This unique ecosystem forms a sanctuary preserving species that have evolved in isolation over countless millennia, and they've remained sacred to the scientific community ever since they gave Darwin the vision that sparked his world-changing epiphany.



Spend 10 Days in Alaska’s Best National Parks (Trip 41)


Get away from the crowds, and experience the 49th state’s best national parks in a more intimate, up-close-and-personal way on this spectacular trip. Perfect for both first-time and seasoned travelers to the last frontier, this adventure explores a variety of Alaskan landscapes, with new wildlife and wilderness opportunities every day.



Journey Through the Australian Outback in Luxury Style (Trip 40)


OK, koala bears aren’t really bears, but they are one of the iconic animals you’ll see on this epic Australian adventure, a traveler's dream. With insider knowledge and hidden gems, we’ve created something special. This itinerary was handcrafted to showcase the best of this continent, and this trip is for those looking to bask in bliss at the very best hideaways in Oz.



There’s Only One Great Canadian Safari (Trip 28)


We all dream of heading off to a place with staggering mountains, hidden trailheads, and turquoise waterfalls. A place where grizzlies outnumber tourists and the cedar trees are ten times your age. This nine-day tour offers the very best of British Columbia, from bustling Vancouver to the province's most remote coastal peaks and seashores.


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The Top 5 Bear-Viewing Trips Around the World


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