Ruckomechi Camp


Ruckomechi Camp


The wildlife experience of a lifetime on the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe


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Tucked into large private concession in the heart of the Zambezi Valley’s Mana Pools National Park, the brand new Ruckomechi Camp looks out from the banks of the mighty Zambezi River. Like all of our hand-picked Outside GO safari camps, Ruckomechi has been thoughtfully designed to maximize your experience on the plains of Africa. Warm touches make you feel right at home, while the sound of elephants munching albida trees just outside remind you that you're only a few footsteps away from adventure. This is Ruckomechi Camp in Zimbabwe, and it's one of our favorite destinations under canvas in all of Africa.


The Zambezi Experience


Shaded by a large grove of acacia and mahogany trees, Ruckomechi accommodates guests in ten spacious and beautifully decorated cream-colored tents, all overlooking the river. Two of the ten retreats are slightly larger—perfect for bringing the family along. Ruckomechi also features a central lounge area complete with a pool for swimming and sunbathing and an inviting fire deck for convivial evenings under the African skies. A romantic star-bed situated nearby overlooks a waterhole frequented with wildlife, completing the Ruckomechi experience. 


The Elephant's Favorite


Mana Pools National Park is one of the best places in Africa from which to spot an incredible amount of wildlife. In the heart of the Zambezi Valley, this is a remote, beautiful area with spectacular views from nearly every angle. The area offers large concentrations of buffalo and hippo especially, while predators such as lion, wild dog, leopard, and cheetah are often sighted. Greater kudu, Burchell's zebra, impala, warthog, and common waterbuck can be seen on the surrounding plains and the grunting of hippo can be heard all day. Birdlife is superb, with numerous local specials like collared palm-thrush and racket-tailed roller flitting around at every turn. And with a tremendous amount of favorite eats for elephants nearby, you'll be sure to see plenty of these gentle giants.


Redoubtable, unparalleled
Victoria Falls displays the
power of the Zambezi River.


Carving through basalt rock
from an ancient volcano the Zambezi
deserves the awesome accolades of its
native audience - the Smoke that Thunders.


Work more trenchant still, this river
provides subsistence, protection,
and inspiration for people in six
southern African nations.


The Zambezi is rightfully called
their river of life, christened as
their hallowed, Nyami, Nyami!

– Reason A. Poteet


Big Environmental Strides

The team at Ruckomechi is driven by environmental awareness, and it shows up in all that they do. The entire camp is powered by a hybrid system, combining a diesel powered generator that charges a bank of batteries which in turn supplies electricity through an inverter. Thanks to this, the generator only needs to operate for eight hours a day as opposed to 24 hours. Each guest tent also has solar-powered geyser providing hot water. In addition, a number of wildlife efforts such as the Painted Dog & Cheetah conservation projects are a large focus to protect populations and involve the local community through education. 


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Ruckomechi Camp


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