The 5 Best GO Guides


The 5 Best Outside GO Guides


Five of our favorite guides from across the globe. We've come to think of them as family, and think you will too.


None of our trips would be possible without our guides. They each work hands-on with our guests to ensure that every one of our safaris is truly the stuff of dreams. Here are five who deserve a feature, including a few new additions and a couple of old faithfuls. Each guide is an integral part of a specific Outside GO custom trip, which you'll find highlighted at the bottom of each interview. We hope you like this way of getting to know our GO experiences as much as we enjoyed putting it together!


This is by no means an exhaustive list of our excellent Outside GO guides. For features on more of our favorites, explore the interviews on our Journal page.





AFRICA: Home Sweet Bush Home, Kenya


The original Outside GO guide, Tuleto James Sengeny has been a part of our team for over 20 years. He was with us from the beginning when we were Uncharted Outposts and continues to guide our guests on safari in Kenya. A Maasai warrior who doesn't even know his true age, James is a true member of the Cunningham family and an irreplaceable part of our heart and soul.





NEW ZEALAND: Kiwi Majesty


Tom Loughlin has roots in both hemispheres of the earth, but the Irish-Maori guide and chef sure knows where he likes to call home. Loughlin is a key ingredient in our 10-day journey through New Zealand. Join him for adventurous activities such as whitewater rafting or mountain biking, then sit back around a campfire to get a taste of the local Maori culture that Loughlin knows so well.





AFRICA: Tanzania Photographic Odyssey 


The central figure in our Photographic Odyssey to Tanzania, Paul Joynson-Hicks doubles as photographer and guide. You'll spend nine days with Hicks, learning photography technique, shooting moving wildlife, and getting a grasp of African animal behavior. The safari is open to photographers of all levels and designed to make sure you spend every waking moment possible in the shadows of these gentle giants.





AUSTRALIA: Exceptional Kangaroo Island


Craig Wickham moved to Kangaroo Island, off the southern coast of Australia, as an infant. His sense of localism, paired with the fact that his family brought him up in the tourism industry, makes him one of our go-to guides for Down Under adventure. Known as the Galapagos Islands of Australia, this one-of-a-kind location is worth learning more about straight from the source himself.





CANADA: Nimmo Bay Resort, British Columbia


Outside GO's ultimate British Columbia guide is Francisco Escobar. A man of many talents, Francisco is known affectionately as Uncle Frank at one of our favorite spots, Nimmo Bay Resort. He knows just how to craft the perfect day in Canada and can lead you on any adventure, from stand up paddleboarding to bear-watching and beyond.


Outside GO is an adventure travel company with decades of experience. We'd love to help you plan your next trip. Rest assured it will be authentic, stylish, and built around your wildest dreams.



The 5 Best GO Guides



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