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GUIDE Q&A: Paul Joynson-Hicks


The photography guide tells us what to expect on safari with him in Tanzania, and how photography is a vehicle for lasting change in Africa



Q:  Tell us, where are you from and how did you wind up in Tanzania? 

A: I was born in London and grew up with a love of photography. My first camera was a Boots 110 film camera, followed by a Praktica as my first film SLR. Once I left school, I immediately started work as an assistant to a fashion photographer. After a year or two, I started working as a freelance photographer in London. It was then that I went to Uganda first and did a shoot there. On my return I wanted to buy a book on Uganda which I couldn't find. So, being a photographer I found a publisher and went to Uganda and did a book. That was 22 years ago. In 1997, I left Uganda and moved to Tanzania and did a book on Tanzania and have been here ever since.


Q:  Did your photography inspire you to shoot Africa, or the other way around?

A: I traveled around Africa when I was younger, backpacking mainly, and was really moved by the people, the scenery, and the wildlife—it was incredible. So it felt very natural to come back to live and photograph here. So to answer the question; I think a bit of both. My photography enabled me to come and photograph Africa and perhaps gave me the means to express myself and my love of Africa through images. 


Q: Next September, you’ll be leading an Outside GO photography trip to Tanzania focused on elephants in partnership with the Bodhi Tree Foundation and S.A.F.E. Can you give us some insider tips about this trip?

A: It is a very special adventure into two wonderful parks in Tanzania. The first part of the trip we are going to be in Tarangire National Park which is well known for its elephants. We get huge herds here and the camp we are staying at is perfectly situated to access Silale Swamp where we should see hundreds of elephants looking for water, as well as all the many other creatures we can find here. Then the back half of the trip is in the very special Ruaha National Park which is also stunning and very different to Tarangire. With Kigelia camp located on a dry river bed we can even get close up to elephants in camp while they come to dig for water.



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Paul Joynson-Hicks Interview


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