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Behind-the-scenes details on the social-media influencers we invited to British Columbia for the week of a lifetime



When Outside GO's team of social-media mavens descended on British Columbia this past month, they joked they were about to break the Internet. And while they didn't exactly go that far, they did tank the Wi-Fi. Meet the four photographers and storytellers who came together for the first time to share a weeklong Outside GO journey with their respective audiences—and to make real-life connections that might just outlast the swipe of a thumb. 


This trip was made possible by a partnership with Destination BC and Destination Canada and with the support of the Loden Hotel, Tweedsmuir Park Lodge, and Nimmo Bay Resort. 




INSTAGRAM: @travisburkephotography
WEBSITE: travisburkephotography.com

Travis Burke was an easy choice when it came to finding a photographer who lives the Outside lifestyle. For one thing, Burke lives in his grandmother’s van, which he’s rebuilt to be a drool-worthy adventure mobile. For another, he is the model weekend warrior, roaming wherever his sponsors (GoPro, Clif Bar, Goal Zero, and many more adventure-gear companies) tell him—or just wherever he feels like roaming. And while British Columbia is a long drive from his home in San Diego, California, he still agreed to fly out with us on the condition we’d find him an epic waterfall to shoot. Mission accomplished. 


PHOTO COURTESY: Rachel Rudwall





INSTAGRAM: @rachelroams
YOUTUBE: /how2travelers

Emmy-nominated producer Rachel Rudwall rules the web. Whether she’s paragliding with a trained hawk or producing Ice Road Truckers in the Alaska wilderness, she’s someone who prefers not to say no. That led her to spend a week with Outside GO, cliff-jumping into frigid coastal waters, trotting around on Icelandic horses, and tasting the local craft brew through an ingenious kelp-bong (sorry, no photos available). With a penchant for adventure at her very core, Rachel is about to co-host her second season of Vacation Chasers, which will air on HLN TV early next year. 







INSTAGRAM: @calsnape
FACEBOOK: /callumsnapephotography

The youngest of the group, Callum Snape has an Instagram following and an impressive real-life network (he makes an appearance in the November issue of Outside) that made him a no-brainer for the trip. The Alberta-based photographer is keen on landscape photos with rosy hues, but he made an exception for us to also capture grizzly bears and humpback whales. The result: one of his most liked wildlife photos, ever. It's a wonder he took the shot at all, between all those naps in the stern of the boat. 


PHOTO COURTESY: Jeremy Koreski





INSTAGRAM: @jeremykoreski
WEBSITE: jeremykoreski.com

Outside GO’s founders, Chip and Sandy Cunningham, met Jeremy Koreski earlier this year when adventuring in British Columbia. It wasn’t just the photographer’s phenomenal eye that caught their attention, or the fact he is about to publish the must-have book This is Nowhere, but the fact that as soon as you meet Koreski, you want to be his friend. The Tofino-based photographer keeps a busy schedule between clients such as Patagonia, Hurley, and Outside Magazine but made time for us at Nimmo Bay for a few days of shooting with the team.




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