Outside GO's 10 Best Trips of 2016


Outside GO's 10 Best Trips of 2016


Our travel experts share the best destinations to explore in the new year.


Following the lead of Outside magazine's best winter trips of 2016, we've compiled a list of our own. After all, what would the holiday season be without a healthy round of bucket-list dreaming with the ones we love? From hiking along the banks of glaciers in Chile to surfing the coast of Australia, heli-skiing Alaskan peaks to walking with elephants in Tanzania, these 10 best trips of 2016 have been personally selected by our team to exceed your wildest expectations.


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Africa is where our roots are. So as we begin to plan an epic year ahead, it's first to come to mind. Below are our some of our favorite itineraries, including a delta adventure in Botswana and our award-winning conservation safari in Kenya, as well as our newest offering—a safari walking among wildlife in Tanzania. If you're not sure which is the best for you, or have been wanting to visit somewhere else on Africa's vast continent, contact us in the form at the bottom of the page. As always, if you can dream it, we can plan it.





TANZANIA: Serengeti and Ruaha National Parks, Ngorongoro Crater


$8,375  | 12 days


This walking safari gets to the heart of what Africa is all about, magical landscapes, peaceful vistas, and a sense of being the only one for miles. You'll spend 12 days walking from one stunning outpost to another with a dedicated guide leading the way. You'll encounter giant elephants, stealthy lions, and herds of wildebeest and zebra. Six unique properties will greet you along the way, providing the perfect place to unwind in the landscape you've become fully immersed in.





KENYA: Maasai Mara Conservancy


$10,435 | 11 days


Our expertly curated Ultimate Conservation Safari in Kenya takes you to centers run by three different tourism and wildlife organizations that are making huge strides in protecting wildlife and partnering with rural communities. The Maasai Mara Conservancies, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, and Maasai Wilderness Trust are pillars of African conservation. This 11-day journey takes you through the best of classic African exploration—real adventure by day, unreal lodging by night—with the added benefit of a higher purpose. READ MORE...





BOTSWANA: Kalahari Desert, Okavango Delta


$12,925 | 12 days


Botswana is a one-of-a-kind experience, and there is no better way to experience it than with Outside GO. Our Tented Love safari has you exploring three very different areas, and each destination has been handpicked for its low-impact wilderness camps and high-emotion wilderness experiences. We begin at Little Tubu. This little gem of a camp perches loftily on stilts overlooking the dense snaking waterways of the delta, which is woven with ancient elephant pathways and golden grasses.  READ MORE...




If you want to be the one pioneering the travel trends for 2016, then this is the trip for you. Spend ten days in exploring via kayaks, biking through Bond-esque landscapes, and of course, tasting whiskey. Perfect for the whole family (except for the whiskey part), we know our way around this itinerary and can customize it, as always, for your budget and interests. Give us a call, and let's talk scotch.





SCOTLAND: Edinburgh, Scottish Highlands, Loch Faskally


$5,450 | 10 days


Scotland has produced some of the greatest explorers of our time: David Livingstone, Mungo Park, Alexander Gordon Laing, and John Muir, to name just a few. Our 10-day journey through Scotland follows in their footsteps. Chalk-full of adventure, this trip uncovers a side of Europe you never knew existed. Hike up the side of a volcano, maneuver around whirlpools on the coast, and mountain bike for miles along empty trails. READ MORE...




The Pacific Northwest is a place of unrivaled beauty, made even more alluring because for most of us, it's too close to home to say no. And while we would sometimes like to save our vacation days for another continent, these three itineraries will have you spending them all in the one place—your backyard. From a nine-day exploration of British Columbia's wilderness to a week-long heli-hiking expedition in Alaska's backcountry and a brand new glacier-hopping safari, these trips are sure to quench your thirst for adventure in 2016.





BRITISH COLUMBIA: Coast Mountains & Great Bear Rainforest


$9,595 | 9 days


We all dream of adventuring to a place with staggering mountains, hidden trailheads, and turquoise waterfalls. A place where grizzlies outnumber tourists and the cedar trees are ten times your age. This place is a lot closer to home than you might expect; it's British Columbia, and it's absolutely beautiful. Our nine-day itinerary takes you to remote locations where you won't get cell service even if you try. READ MORE...





ALASKA: Wrangell-St. Elias National Park


$7,900 | 5 days


Settled by some of the hardiest of all frontier explorers, Alaska is a land of such great extremes and immense and unspoiled beauty that it takes a very special kind of person to operate a world-class lodge and adventure-guiding company here. And in this case, it takes an entire clan of such exceptional people. Founders of the Ultima Thule Lodge, the Claus family has a backyard composed of 13 million acres of the most remote wilderness on earth. They know it, they love it, and they love to share it. READ MORE...


Outside GO is an adventure travel company with decades of experience. We'd love to help you plan your next trip. Rest assured it will be authentic, stylish, and built around your wildest dreams.




Outside GO's 10 Best Trips of 2016


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