Outside GO's 10 Best Beach Getaways


Outside GO's 10 Best Beach Getaways


This is your shortcut to the top of the palm tree.


Imagine yourself as Robinson Crusoe, except instead of being stranded on a remote tropical island, you've worked hard to get there. Picture turquoise waves lapping gently at the shoreline, and nothing but the chirping of exotic birds to begin the perfect day. These are our top ten favorite beach getaways on earth, and we've hand-picked them just for you. You've earned it.


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MOZAMBIQUE: Just Off the Coast in the Indian Ocean


Located in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Mozambique, Benguerra Island is best described as a slice of paradise. The picture-perfect camp sits in a protected marine conservation area of the Bazaruto Archipelago, making it a prime location to stroll empty white-sand beaches, explore healthy coral reefs bursting with fish, and adventure in the inland forests and jungles by horseback. With your own casinha to enjoy after a full day of action, this beachy retreat might just become your favorite way to experience Africa. 





AUSTRALIA: The Heart of the Great Barrier Reef


$10,495 | DAYS


Lizard Island is one of our stand-out base camps in Australia, and it makes an appearance on our 15-day journey Down Under. You'll begin in the bustling city of Sydney for a taste of urban adventure, then go into the wild to experience the untamed outback of the rugged Eyre Peninsula. Hugging the rugged coastline, you'll travel to your ultimate destination—Lizard Island. Your time spent snorkeling, diving, and otherwise exploring the Great Barrier Reef from the shores will make this journey to the land of Oz one you'll never forget. 





ECUADOR: Sailing the Galapagos Islands


$7,095 | 11 DAYS


Travel by yacht on this 11-day itinerary on an inspirational journey of a lifetime in one of the most fiercely protected marine wilderness areas in the world. When it comes to setting sail, the Integrity is by far one of our favorite yachts of them all. Exploring on this yacht is much like being in an intimate, nine-room, seagoing boutique hotel, but with one major difference—each morning there are new discoveries, experiences, and adventures waiting to be had. Go à la carte or take over the entire boat with your friends and family for a truly custom cruise. 





AUSTRALIA: Off the Southern Coast of Australia


$6,695 | 12 DAYS


This adventure Down Under to Kangaroo Island is chock full of roos’! Kangaroo Island is a veritable Noah's Ark of marine and land mammals. Watch koalas in millennia-old native forests, walk among sea lions on pristine white-sand beaches, and dive historic wrecks to see the famous Leafy Seadragon. Just remember to watch out for the overly friendly sea lions looking to get up to mischief! Our little piece of paradise here is Kangaroo Beach Lodge, an 8,000-acre privately owned property for you and a very few lucky others. With just one look at the photo below, you can tell this is barefoot luxury at its best. 





TASMANIA: East Coast Beneath the Hazards


$6,995 | 7 DAYS


The Saffire Freycinet on the east coast of Tasmania isn't just architecturally stunning; it's location itself is breathtaking, with the Hazards Mountains towering above and the ocean gently lapping at the shores below. One of our favorite properties on our seven-day trip to Tasmania, the Saffire is the ultimate end-cap to a week of adventure. Your days here will be bookended by kayaking Coles Bay, enjoying private picnics on the beach, and sailing along the coast to see the Island of Inspiration from an entirely new perspective. 





SEYCHELLES: Inner Islands in the Indian Ocean


The Republic of Seychelles in the Indian Ocean is an archipelago made up of 115 islands, and while they're all dotted in fantastic palm trees and white-sand beaches, we have a favorite. It's the North Island in the inner islands. With three distinct beaches, this island will win your heart at every turn. And because North Island is the only outpost on the entire piece of jungle-covered utopia, you'll be the only one for hundreds of miles to soak up dreamy island sunsets.





ZANZIBAR: Off the Coast of Zanzibar, Tanzania


If being shipwrecked on a tropical island with no one else for miles sounds enticing, look no further than Mnemba Island just off the coast of Zanzibar. This gorgeous paradise is less than a mile in circumference, and the maximum number of guests is capped at twenty, which guarantees you'll be free to wander barefoot along the beaches with hardly another soul in sight. The camp itself is barefoot luxury and perfectly designed to make you feel at home, with only ten beachside bandas tucked beneath the shade of the casuarina pine forest. We think that one has your name on it—wouldn't you agree? 





AUSTRALIA: Whitsunday Islands


$9,780 | 9 DAYS


Qualia is a veritable treasure trove of aquatic adventures, making it the perfect base camp from which to sail, dive, swim, and explore the world's largest coral reef. Fly in a helicopter high over the waves, dangle your toes off the edge of an infinity pool, snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, cruise on a gigantic 17-foot catamaran, or just sit back and soak it all in. Qualia sits on a point with commanding views over the ocean and features a world-class chef to complement the adventure. This outpost truly offers up the perfect ocean-style safari Down Under.





NICARAGUA: Pacific Coast


$2,000 | 8 DAYS


This fabulous lodge on Nicaragua's western shore isn't called "Las Cinco Playas de Rancho Santana" for no reason. As one of the only isthmuses on the Pacific Ocean, Rancho Santana boasts five distinct beaches prime for surfing and exploring, a farm to table restaurant literally stocked by a farm on the resort, and a plethora of activities from golf to horseback riding along the trails on the massive property and through a local village. With so much to do, we don't think you'll spend much time relaxing by the pool. 





AUSTRALIA: Kimberley Coast


There are very few unreachable places left on earth, even in a land as vast as Australia. One such place is the Berkeley River Lodge on Australia’s Kimberley Coast. White sandy beaches, river gorges, and waterfalls set the tone at this truly spectacular basecamp Down Under. Nestled into the scrub-covered dunes of the Joseph Bonaparte Gulf, the most striking aspect of the Berkeley River Lodge is hands-down its location. The closest town is Wyndham, over 90 miles away, and in order to reach the lodge from there, you must travel either by boat or plane. Once you arrive, it’s just you and a handful of other guests there to soak in the astounding landscape and elements of the Australian coast. 


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Outside GO's 10 Best Beach Getaways



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