Antarctica Aboard the Ocean Nova


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Paired with a flight over the Drake Passage, the Ocean Nova is the best way to cruise upon the ice-haunted waters of the Antarctic


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It's not often we feature GO Outposts that move. Introducing the M/V Ocean Nova, base camp for adventure in Antarctica. Our 14-day Antarctic itinerary pairs a stunning sea safari aboard this boat with an air crossing over the dangerous Drake Passage between Chile and the South Shetland Islands of Antarctica. The first of its kind, this is the best way to experience the southernmost regions of the planet.


Built for the Ice


Once you’ve landed on King George Island, clamber aboard the Ocean Nova to explore the coldest and most remote place on earth. Originally built for the ice-chocked waters off Greenland, the Nova can easily plow through the thickest of chunks, getting you to the coldest, most remote areas on earth. Because of her size, she's able to go where other, larger ships cannot and is the strongest vessel you’ll find in the Antarctic.


Map the Cabin


Passengers on the Ocean Nova enjoy a glass-enclosed observation lounge, a spacious dining room, a bar, a library, and even a small gym for those with restless legs. With capacity for just 72 passengers, the Nova feels more like a private yacht than a cruise ship, allowing for efficient disembarkation so you can spend less time on ship and more time exploring. The Nova provides boots for wet landings (when you have to jump in the water to get to shore), as well as all the gear for different modes of exploration.


Antarctic Activities


You won’t be limited to the boat during your sea safari in Antarctica. There will be daily opportunities to kayak, snowshoe, and hike with the best polar guides in the business who are eager to share their passion and knowledge of this part of the world with you. Photographers will find exquisite subjects in the icy landscapes, and anyone looking for some extra excitement can take the infamous polar plunge. Peer out of your cabin for penguins or get up close and personal with any of six types of seals that swim these icy waters.


Memories of a Lifetime


When it’s time to fly back to Punta Arenas for your final overnight, you will carry new memories of awe-inspiring landscapes, adventures, and wildlife encounters unlike any you could make anywhere else on earth. Learn more about our Antarctica itinerary or get in touch below to begin planning your trip to the bottom of the world.



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Antarctica Aboard the Ocean Nova


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