North Island


North Island


Embrace your inner rock star on your own private island in the Seychelles


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The Seychelles in the Indian Ocean is an archipelago made up of 115 islands, and while they're all dotted with fantastic palm trees and white-sand beaches, we have a favorite. The North Island in the inner islands. With three distinct beaches, this island will win your heart at every turn—and has for many famous visitors over the years. And because North Island is the only outpost on the entire piece of jungle-covered utopia, you'll be the only one for hundreds of miles to soak up dreamy island sunsets.


Barefoot Luxury


North Island is made up of only 11 villas, all created from local materials harvested during the island rehabilitation process. Luxury and simplicity were the inspiration in their building, forming a signature style called barefoot luxury. Your villa is your own private beach house, where the colors evoke the marine environment and the fusion of rough and smooth natural textures. This tropical retreat is a perfect fusion of energy and relaxation, indulgence and wellness, luxury and giving back to the surrounding community.


Indian Ocean Adventures


Picture a day on North Island. You'll wake up to an energizing breakfast, then spend the morning scuba diving part of the planet's longest coral reef system in search of the giant whale shark. You can also take a leisurely snorkel just off shore to view vibrant marine life including green turtles. Rather stay above water? That afternoon take a kayak out, go fly-fishing, or perhaps ride a bike across interlinking island pathways that take you through forests of palm trees. Island hopping is always a favorite, too, and offers a great way to see the outer islands of the Seychelles. Finish it all off with a fabulous dinner with fresh fare from the sea, cocktail in hand.


"This tropical retreat is a perfect fusion of energy and relaxation, indulgence and wellness, luxury and giving back to the surrounding community."


The Three Beaches


The tides on North Island have been moving sand up and down these shores for millennia, washing it and refining it. It's not uncommon to literally be the first person to walk on a fresh, renewed beach at North Island. And because of constantly changing ocean currents, the beaches migrate around the island in a ceaseless seasonal pattern. One constant is East Beach, the center for all activities on North Island. Each of the villas has direct access to this ribbon of gleaming sand that runs almost the entire length of the island. Next is the West Beach, known for its bar where the tradition of sun-downers is given new life as the famous Seychelles sunsets throw a show of pastels across the evening sky. Finally, the Honeymoon Beach is nestled into a curve in the rocks, making it overwhelmingly romantic for any occasion. Which one will be your favorite?


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North Island


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