A Night In Antarctica with Andre Belem and Laura Gerwin



A Night in Antarctica with Polar PhD Andre Belem and Outside GO’s Laura Gerwin


We recap a night with these two experts during a recent presentation in Santa Fe at the Outside GO Headquarters


Antarctic explorer, Oceanographer, Earth Sciences University professor, Polar PhD, and Zodiac driver extraordinaire Andre Belem along with Laura Gerwin, one of Outside GO’s global luxury adventure trip designers, polar specialty vehicle operator, and world-wide expedition guide shared their passion for life and science in Antarctica at Outside GO’s headquarters in Santa Fe, New Mexico this fall during an intimate presentation for our local friends and travelers. Here is the recap of the night.


Andre explained to us that the Antarctic is still an unknown. There are so many things about earth sciences we must still learn. The only thing we know 100% for sure is that Antarctica is important for the whole planet because it plays a main role in controlling the climate for this planet. “Antarctica is our air-conditioning.”

Belem teaches us how the wildlife is interconnected to the sea ice and the algae. Krill is the main food source in Antarctica for whales, seals, and penguins. Krill survives on the sea ice algae and the whole Antarctica food web depends on krill for survival. This means when the climate change affects the seasonal sea ice cycle, the krill is affected and this creates a huge impact on the whole Antarctica system.

Andre has been exploring Antarctica and studying the science there since 1994, less than 85 years after the original explorer reached the geographic south pole for the first time. Straight after graduating in Oceanography, he spent his first Antarctic winter on board the R/V Nathaniel Palmer cruising the Bellingshausen and Amundsen Seas. This expedition reached the furthest south position for a ship in these waters and was awarded the Antarctic Service Medal of the National Science Foundation (USA). This voyage was the start of his Antarctic career, from Ross to Weddell seas, spending many seasons on Antarctic land, on the ice and under the ice in the water. Certified as a technical and scientific diver with a special license for cold water diving utilizing these specialized skills to advance science.

When asked why travel to this remote destination, Andre explains, “Antarctica is the very last frontier of the planets unknown. It holds millions of years of geological and climate history of the planet. It is a place that you are able to get in touch with Mother Nature and become part of the wilderness. We are allowed the opportunity to be a guest in this incredible place. Because the environment is so dynamic there is no day comparable to the next.”


“The way that Andre and Laura share the story of the magic of Antarctica is inspiring and fascinating. At Outside GO we only travel to the world’s most life-changing, unique, beautiful, and remote places, and the final frontier is just that. The story and sights of Antarctica are unlike anywhere else on earth.”

—Sandy Cunningham, President of Outside GO


Laura has been traversing and exploring far corners of the globe, wandering all seven continents for over 20 years. Her search for the wonderful and unique took her to Antarctica where she discovered a place incomparable to anywhere else on the planet. Laura has spent over 10 years living seasonally at McMurdo Station, Antarctica driving specialty large passenger vehicles for the United States Antarctic program in support of science. While on the ice, Laura led expeditions around the continent riding snow-mobiles up a volcano and trekking through a field of icebergs to Sir Ernest Shakelton's historic hut. As Outside GO’s North Americas expert for all things Antarctic, Laura traveled aboard the Ocean Nova experiencing the incredible, mesmerizing beauty of the Antarctic peninsula. Sailing all the way to the Polar Circle to be prepared to prepare you for the expedition of your life to Antarctica!

As Laura explains, “I have one of the most amazing jobs in the world. I prepare people for life-changing transformational travel. I get you ready to open your mind, focus, and be prepared to experience the most incredible journey of your life!”

Read more about Laura’s time in Antarctica with Outside GO here.


“Safari is incredible and everyone in their life needs to GO on one. But this trip...this trip is awesome. Antarctica, go and go now.”

—Chip Cunningham, Owner of Outside GO


Travel Tips for the Antarctic from Andre and Laura

1. Be prepared for one of the most intense experiences in your life.

Know that only Mother Nature is in control. Keep your eyes open as much as possible to feel Antarctica not only with your senses but with your soul. Being flexible and having a desire and curiosity to learn is the very best way to experience the frozen fun. The expedition team on board the luxury vessel can provide you with comfort but you have to provide an open mind and comprehension. 

2. Take a small notebook to take notes like the old explorers.

That way, you’ll be able to record the most amazing parts of your day and your life-changing journey. 

3. Use Outside GO as a resource to answer all of your questions.

We can help with gear (like this article here), weather, climate, science, wildlife, photography, history and life on expedition to help you prepare to live one of the most epic adventures of your life!

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A Night In Antarctica


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