Hoanib Skeleton Coast


Open-Air Oasis in Namibia


The Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp is a stunning beautiful compliment to moonlike terrain


Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp, one of the newest destinations in Namibia, has raised the bar for desert dwellings. This open-air oasis is located in one of the driest areas in all of Africa, the Skeleton Coast. Known as “The Land God Made in Anger” by the Bushmen of the Namibian interior, this stretch is named for the whalebones and shipwrecks that dot the beaches, byproducts of the old whaling industry and the treacherous coastline. Now, the 6,200-square-mile Skeleton Coast National Park is home to undulating dunes, salt pans, and boisterous seal colonies. This is the setting for the Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp, your gateway into Namibia’s arid and exciting wilderness.


Location, Location, Location


The Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp nestles in a valley at the confluence of two tributaries of the Hoanib River. It straddles the line between the Palmwag area and the Skeleton Coast National Park, so it is it an ideal base for remote and adventurous desert exploration. 



Fly Over Dunes


Getting here is half the adventure. The flight to camp in a small plane sets the tone. We recommend adding the Skeleton Coast excursion, in which you’ll explore the famed shipwrecks and rocky coastline of Namibia with a guide before flying back to camp for a magnificent bird's-eye view of your new surroundings from the air. Rather stick to land? Meet wildlife researchers, take a classic game drive or nature walk, or simply sit back and enjoy the staggering view from your private veranda. You're welcome to could always stay long enough to do it all. 



Life in the Desert


If you think there isn’t any life in the desert, think again. Namibia is simply teeming with wildlife that survives and thrives in this arid landscape. Small desert animals like black-backed jackals abound, as do fur seals and oryx—but so do massive elephants and elegant giraffes. If you're lucky you'll get a glimpse of the most elusive lions on the African continent, the Vanishing Kings. You might never have considered visiting someplace with a name like the Skeleton Coast, but this gem of a camp has opened up a completely new and wild experience.



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Hoanib Skeleton Coast


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