Mnemba Island


Mnemba Island


The idyllic castaway island just off the coast of Zanzibar


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If being shipwrecked on a tropical island with no one else for miles sounds enticing, look no further than Mnemba Island just off the coast of Zanzibar. This gorgeous island paradise is less than a mile in circumference, and the maximum number of guests is capped at twenty, which guarantees you'll be free to wander barefoot along the beaches with hardly another soul in sight. The camp itself is barefoot luxury and perfectly designed to make you feel at home, with only ten beachside hideaways tucked beneath the shade of the casuarina pine forest. We think that one has your name on it—wouldn't you agree?


Thatched Roof Bliss


A twenty-minute boat crossing from the island of Zanzibar, off the coast of Tanzania, lands you on your private island. Begin your stay by getting your bearings in your palm-frond casita, your own secluded hideaway on this island paradise. Neutral interior tones draw attention to the natural surroundings, while no amenity is spared. Enjoy views of the Indian Ocean from the barazas (Swahili word meaning 'meeting place') on your veranda, or kick back in the open-thatched sitting area to enjoy a lively social scene with other guests and your hosts. You'll soon realize that during your stay at Mnemba, no shoes are no problem.


24 Hours on Mnemba


As with all of our GO Outposts, you are free to design your dream day on Mnemba Island as you wish. But if you want to pack it as full as possible with adventure, here's our recommendation. Start with a cup of coffee and à la carte breakfast on your veranda overlooking the ocean, then snorkel the nearby coral reefs or stroll along the beach. After a light lunch and afternoon siesta, venture into the warm waters of the Indian Ocean with excellent dive instructors. A succulent seafood dinner served on the beach awaits, best enjoyed with toes tucked deep into the cool white sand, sundowner in hand.


"A succulent seafood dinner served on the beach awaits, best enjoyed with toes tucked deep into the cool white sand, sundowner in hand."


Meet the Island Wildlife


Mnemba island is a diver's paradise for a reason; the coral reefs surrounding the shores are home to a vast variety of reef fish, anemone, and other marine animals. Humpback whales, as well as many species of dolphin, a number of shark, and several types of ray are encountered in the ocean depths. You might even see a whale shark, the world's largest fish. The island itself provides a nesting ground for the threatened green turtle, as well as many bird species, including the rare crab plover. The tiny suni antelope (pictured above) roams the forest in the center of the island and the recently introduced and highly endangered Ader’s duiker may also be spotted during your stay.


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Mnemba Island


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