Heli-Ski Iceland's Deplar Farm


Iceland's Deplar Farm


Check Iceland off your bucket list with an epic week of heli-skiing fresh tracks, straight down to the shores of the Arctic


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Iceland is having a moment. From Justin Bieber's recent music video to the recent movie Secret Life of Walter Mitty, there's just something alluring about a place that has long been devoid of tourists and has so much untouched natural beauty. Take all of this inspiration and kick it up a notch with a visit to Iceland's mountaintops, where the camera-toting hordes will never reach. This is one country we think deserves more than a layover, and we're here to tell you why a stay at the up-and-coming Deplar Farm is perfect for finally checking Iceland off your list.


Heli-Ski the Troll Peninsula


The number one reason to visit Iceland in the winter is simple: the heli-skiing, of course. Imagine mountains untouched by anyone, not this season, but ever. From steep couloirs to mellow long descents ending on the shores of the Arctic Ocean, the skiing on Northern Iceland’s Troll Peninsula is filled with vast and exciting terrain. Experience the magic of standing on breathtaking peaks and seeing the view from the top of the world. There will be nothing but the sound of your own breath and the beating of the helicopter's wings as the pilot expertly tips the machine off the side of the peak to meet you at the bottom for another lap. No lift-ticket-toting tourists, no distractions. Just you, blue sky, blue ocean, and a sea of white before you as the ultimate canvas to leave your mark.


No Camper Van Required


As most of us who use the Internet know by now, one of the most popular ways to see Iceland is in a camper van. Unfortunately, sleeping in a tin can in the middle of Iceland isn't what most of us call fun. Especially when it comes to the fact that this van offers no solution to the problem of how to get to the top of the mountain with no roads and no lifts. Enter the Deplar Farm. Opening spring 2016, this is a lodge worth talking about. It will be the number one location to launch your adventure in Iceland, and we promise it'll be a lot less funky than a Sprinter van after a week of skiing in the same gear. There aren't any photos available yet, so check back for more as the Deplar Farm gets closer to opening its doors.


Land of the Midnight Sun


Spring and summer in Iceland offers more time to play outside with extended daylight hours so that you can rack up the vertical beneath the midnight sun. With over 1,500 square miles of terrain including many uncharted runs within your reach, our experienced guides will choose slopes appropriate for your group’s skill level, ranging from intermediate to expert. Plan to ski or snowboard 2,500-3,500 vertical feet per day. Every foot is guaranteed to boast breathtaking views of vast mountains, sea, and sky.


See the Chilly Sights


If you're eager to find some of the famous attractions in Iceland, doing so after a week heli-skiing at Deplar Farm is the perfect way to rest your quads. Visit the famous Skógafoss Waterfall, peer over the edge of Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon, and take a dip in one of the world's oldest geothermic swimming pools. Whatever you do, don't forget to keep an eye out for the Northern Lights.



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Heli-Ski Iceland's Deplar Farm



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