10 Best Wildlife Trips


Outside GO's 10 Best Wildlife Trips

Our favorite ways to focus on the animals, from endangered rhinos in Africa to playful blue-footed boobies in the Galapagos Islands.


Our team is thrilled to introduce Outside GO's greatest wildlife experiences from around the world. Fit for kids of all ages, these hand-picked trips from Australia to Zambia will leave you in a state of wildlife-induced awe. Swim with dolphins off the coast of New Zealand, track polar bears in the Canadian tundra, and hang with the chimps in the jungles of Uganda. No matter which journey is right for you, these ten trips assure up-close-and-personal experiences with creatures big and small; the animals that keep us traveling the globe year after year, searching for that moment when–just like that–the unimaginable comes into view. Where will your next wildlife adventure take you?





KENYA: Rhinos and Elephants


$10,435 | 11 DAYS


This 11-day journey takes you through the best of classic African exploration—real adventure by day, unreal lodging by night—with the added benefit of a higher purpose. If you've always wondered about the impact travel has on local communities, this is your chance not only to have a phenomenal vacation but to play a lasting role in the protection of this incredible landscape and culture.





TANZANIA: The Great Wildebeest Migration


$9,215 | 11 DAYS


As ultra-plush takes over the Safari Circuit, we go old-school in traditional canvas-tent camps, with prime viewing of all the best wildlife action (and no creature comforts spared). This incredible adventure epitomizes the great safaris of a bygone era, when a slower pace and a thirst for witnessing mind-boggling wildlife in pristine wilderness ruled the day. Guaranteed to transport you back to that wondrous time, this is a safari that puts you right in the thick of it all.





UGANDA: Monkeys and Apes


$5,280 | 8 DAYS


Get familiar with a slower pace of travel in Tanzania on our nine-day journey to the beach and beyond. Lounge under thatch roofs in the rooms of the legendary Greystoke Mahale camp before going chimp trekking or kayaking, swimming, and sailing on Lake Tanganyika, the world's longest and second deepest body of fresh water. You'll wish your sundowners lasted past the last drop.





GALAPAGOS: Blue-footed Boobies, Tortoises, and More


$5,710 | 9 DAYS


It's literally impossible to exaggerate the exquisite nature of the Galapagos Islands. In this magnificent marine environment, awe-inspiring adventures and wildlife are waiting to be found around every bend—especially for the properly outfitted traveler. Join us for the journey of a lifetime as we explore one of the most fiercely protected marine wilderness areas in the world, then go even farther into the Ecuadorean Andes for a couple of nights spent steeped in the history of this rich country.





ZAMBIA: Lions Galore


$11,265 | 10 DAYS


Zambia, sitting just above Zimbabwe in southern Africa, is a country that retains the charms of Africa of the past. But don't be mistaken—there's nothing old-world about this nine-day itinerary. From the smoke that thunders of Victoria Falls, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, to the remote plains of Busanga in the Kafue National Park, and finally to the spectacular scenery and wildlife of the Lower Zambezi National Park, this GO safari is a visceral and adventurous experience for the history books and for the whole family.





AUSTRALIA: Kangaroos, Wallabies, and More


$6,695 | 12 DAYS


Beyond the beautiful beaches, wild outback, and delicious food, Australian slang and humor are what makes a trip to Oz one of our bucket-list highlights. For many of us North Americans, just understanding the accent is hard enough—then throw in some of the local slang and we are completely dazed and confused. Even after traveling to the land down under, we're still wondering what "flat out like a lizard drinking" means.  It only takes a trip south of the equator to find out, and our bewilderment morphs into one of the most beguiling travel experiences imaginable.





BRITISH COLUMBIA: Grizzly Bears and Humpback Whales


$9,595 | 9 DAYS


We all dream of adventuring to a place with staggering mountains, hidden trailheads, and turquoise waterfalls. A place where grizzlies outnumber tourists and the cedar trees are ten times your age. This place is a lot closer to home than you might expect; it's British Columbia, and it's absolutely beautiful. Our nine-day itinerary takes you to remote locations where you won't get cell service even if you try. This is the ultimate adventure and the very best of British Columbia, and it's all yours.





CANADA: Polar Bears and Grizzly Bears


$11,695 | 11 DAYS


An itinerary built for the bear lover, this 11-day journey begins at the Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge outside Winnipeg. Get acclimated to the arctic by hiking on the inland Palsa Bogs and Tundra Ponds, adjacent to the Taiga Forest and the Hudson Bay coastline, getting up close and personal to polar bears on each outing. Then, you'll journey on to Bella Coola, British Columbia to track the elusive grizzly. Find yourself back at the lodge each evening to review your stunning photographs or simply soak in the northern lights around a beaming bonfire.





NEW ZEALAND: Dolphins and Whales


$4,995 | 13 DAYS


New Zealand is an immensely popular destination among adventure addicts, and there are no shortage of trips that deliver you into the heart of it. This 13-day itinerary stands out from the rest. Journey to both the North and South Islands over the course of a week and a half, exploring everything from city life in Auckland to the agricultural epicenter of the country, to the shores of some of the most secluded and peaceful bays, and finally to the foot of a glacier above Queenstown. If adventure is on your to-do list, this is the trip for you.





SCOTLAND: Elk, Puffins, Seals, and the Loch Ness Monster


$5,450 | 10 DAYS


Chock full of adventure, this 10-day journey through Scotland uncovers a side of Europe you never knew existed. Hike up the side of a volcano, maneuver around whirlpools on the coast, and mountain bike for miles along empty trails. You'll sea kayak the dramatic west coast looking for marine life, and spin out your legs cycling Bond-esque country roads. At the end of each day's adventure, unwind with a glass of local scotch next to a roaring fire telling stories of the Loch Ness Monster, which is rumored to reside in a lake just like the one below. Some say it's a myth, but we're believers.


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10 Best Wildlife Trips



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