Escape El Niño with Outside GO


Escape El Niño with GO


Join GO on a handpicked trip to the Southern Hemisphere this winter.


Experts are predicting this winter to be a bad one. Colder, longer, harsher. "What causes an El Niño?" you might ask. Top meteorologists say the surface temperature of the Pacific Ocean is higher than it's been since 1948, and that anomaly means this El Niño means business. That translates to more snow in the mountains for the places we call home, like New Mexico and Colorado, and suggests we won't be seeing spring for a long, long time.

While most of us at the Outside office rejoice over white stuff in the forecast, let's face it, there's not as much ski traffic below the equator. Join GO on any one of our handpicked trips in the Southern Hemisphere. Picture yourself learning to surf in the salty Pacific off the coast of Nicaragua, hiking along ridges of sweeping sand dunes in Namibia, or fly-fishing peaceful headwaters in Argentina. As always, the choice is yours. We don't think you can make a bad one with the trips below.




Africa is the ultimate destination for anyone looking to escape the winter blues at home. Everything here, from the landscape to the wildlife, engages a palate of rich browns, lush greens, and sumptuous golds. This color scheme is indicative not only of the excellent weather you can expect while on safari, but of an otherworldly journey you'll be dreaming about for winters to come. 


Below is a handpicked selection of GO trips. If you're not sure which is the best for you, contact us at 1.888.870.0903.



Ultimate Conservation Safari


$10,435 | 11 days



Uncharted Africa


$6,975 | 9 days



Tented Love


$12,295 | 12 days



Moroccan Dreams


$4,900 | 13 days



Stars Above, Sand Below


$7,995 | 11 days




South America might never get as warm as the savannahs of Africa, but it offers a welcome respite from the chill we'll be experiencing at home. Release your inner adventurer and trek the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, ride horses through the wilds of Argentina, or mountain bike beneath Torres del Paine in Chile. Determined to kick El Niño back to 1948 where it belongs? Journey to the Galapagos Islands, where you'll snorkel your days away in temperate waters, soaking in the beauty of the equator and all this region has to offer.



Darwin's Safari


$5,850 | 9 days



Timeless Incan Spirit


$9,250 | 10 days



Estancias de Argentina


$9,350 | 13 days



Uncharted Chile


$2,060 | 9 days



Ocean's Eleven


$7,595 | 11 days




When some people like to get away, they really like to get away. Travel to Australia or New Zealand with Outside GO on a trip that will transport you into another world, where wombats and wallabies rule the landscape and adventure comes before breakfast. These gems are two of our favorite parts of the globe, and we think you'll see why. That spring frost will be a distant memory as soon as the first taste of a flat white hits your lips.



Kiwi Majesty


$8,395 | 10 days



Coastal Australia


$11,585 | 15 days




Nothing defies winter like a swing in a brightly colored hammock. Embrace the vibe at our favorite spot in Central America, Rancho Santana in Nicaragua. You'll find your days revolving around fresh smoothies on the patio, yoga classes overlooking the ocean, afternoon surf sessions with a private instructor, and evening strolls along the beach or through the surrounding jungle. You guessed it—we're already packing our bags.



Pacific Perfection


$2,000 | 8 days


Outside GO is an adventure travel company with decades of experience. We'd love to help you plan your next trip. Rest assured it will be authentic, stylish, and built around your wildest dreams.




Escape El Niño with Outside GO


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