Cottar's 1920'S Camp


Cottars 1920's Camp 


Steeped in history, surrounded by wildlife, and dedicated to conservation


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In the early 1900's, a man named Charles Cottar from Oklahoma read President Theodore Roosevelt’s exhilarating accounts of a big game hunting expedition in Africa. In 1919, that same man established Kenya's first safari company. Almost a century later, Charles Cottar's great-grandson, Calvin, continues the legacy while raising a family of his own in the bush. Cottars exists as it did in the old days (although they've updated the linens since then). Imagine the romance, excitement, and wildness of Africa one-hundred years ago, and you've imagined a stay at Cottars.


History Recreated


There are two ways to stay at Cottars, either the villa or the camp. The villa was built by hand using indigenous and eco-friendly materials and features an infinity pool overlooking the vast wildlife concession, perfect for families. For those that want absolute privacy and luxury in the Masai Mara, the villa is the option for you. But the flagship outpost of Cottars is the 1920's Safari Camp. Ten creamy canvas tents are filled with historical touches and modern comforts, setting the scene for a perfect romantic retreat. No matter where you stay while at Cottars, you'll be right on the border of the Serengeti and Loliondo reserves with access to an untouched 250,000 acres of untouched wilderness—6,000 of them exclusive. The perfect slice of Africa to host a destination wedding or a family getaway.


Wildlife, Community, and Beyond


Given the stunning location of Cottars and the fact that the property has the largest number of gold standard Kenya Professional Safari Guides in the country, it goes without saying that your wildlife experience here will be truly memorable. With such a deep-rooted history as the oldest safari business in the world, the team at Cottars goes above and beyond. The Cottars Wildlife Conservation Trust runs a scout operation for wildlife monitoring, anti-poaching, and anti-deforestation, and a host of other functions necessary to operate a wildlife conservancy. And because we know you care, ongoing projects like Pack for a Purpose and Maasai village visits during your stay make sure you leave a lasting impact.


"The truth of the place, the authentic feel, the friendliness of our amazing staff and the Maasai people, the way our guides are intellectually equal and emotionally aware of every guests needs. This is what guests will remember." –Calvin Cottar


Stories that Last Generations


There are very few safari camps on earth with such a storied past as Cottars. Just one look at the family history and you can see it's the stuff of legends! When Charles Cottar first established the business in the early 1900's, he did so with his sons, Mike, Bud, and Ted. Charles Cottar survived elephant, buffalo, and three leopard attacks in his life, finally succumbing in 1939, at age 66, to a deadly rhino charge in the Mara region. Mike and Bud carried on the safari business guiding for the Duke and Duchess of York, Woolworth Donahue, and Martin and Osa Johnson, amongst others. Mike Cottar was friends with many of the famous characters from Out of Africa and was Beryl Markham’s first flying passenger. Many of the family stories have been immortalized in Bartle Bull's book, Safari: A Chronicle of Adventure. 

For more, read our exclusive interview with Calvin Cottar on the Journal.


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Cottars 1920's Camp


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