Benguerra Island


Benguerra Island


Your own slice of paradise off the undiscovered coastline of Mozambique


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Located in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Mozambique, Benguerra Island is best described as a slice of paradise. This uncharted outpost sits in a protected marine conservation area of the Bazaruto Archipelago, making it a bucket list getaway where you can stroll empty white-sand beaches, explore healthy coral reefs bursting with vibrant ocean life, and adventure into the forests and jungles by horseback. With your own casinha to enjoy after a full day of action, this beachy retreat might just become your favorite way to experience Africa.


Casinhas and Cabanas


In true Mozambican style, ten casinhas and two larger cabanas dot the landscape offering you a secluded hideaway amongst the palms at Benguerra. The blue and white decor is a nod to the Portuguese heritage of the country, while wide doors and windows provide views of the ocean so plentiful you'll feel like you're actually outside. Private flow pools set on wooden decks are the perfect spot to unwind after a morning snorkel, and mosquito-netted beds make for glorious afternoon siestas. Walking to the beach, you'll spot a colorfully ornamented, traditional wooden dhow boat that rests on the white sand. Benguerra has given new life to the boat and turned it into a bar serving ice cold cocktails and fresh seafood—the perfect fit for a base camp on the beach!


A Day in Paradise


There is no shortage of activities to fill your time at Benguerra. Kick off the morning with a dive expedition before tucking in to a fresh breakfast smorgasbord of fruits, cheeses, and any more. Afterward, explore the interior of the island, finding freshwater lakes and stopping by a local village to learn about traditional Mozambican life. Lunch might be served picnic-style in the middle of soaring sand dunes, followed by an afternoon sea kayak trip to spy for dolphins. Sunset can be enjoyed with a horseback ride along the beach, or with a sail along the coastline in a traditional dhow. Your stay can be as action-packed or as leisurely as you like. Whichever your preference, we recommend relaxing and recharging under the magical attentions of the masseuses in the massage sala.


"There are no shortcuts to the top of the palm tree."
– Mozambican Proverb


Oceans Without Borders


As with nearly all of our GO Outposts, Benguerra Island is exeptionally focused on the conservation and preservation of its beautiful ecosystem. Right now, the Oceans Without Borders project is actively conserving the habitat of the endangered dugong (a marine mammal that most closely resembles a manatee) by working with Africa Foundation and the island's local community to discourage the use of fishing nets that are the largest threat to this rare and incredible animal. This combined with many local efforts to improve the lives of those who call Benguerra home, such as relocating freshwater wells and developing a community center, are just some of the ways Benguerra is impacting their surroundings in a positive way. Now that's something we can all say cheers to at the end of the day.


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Benguerra Island


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