3 New Trips Fit for Families


3 New Trips Fit for Families

Journey through Alaska, Croatia, and Norway with Outside GO

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A few weeks ago we sent a survey to our loyal travelers and readers to find out what stokes the fires of your wanderlust. You told us about your dreamiest destinations, your favorite ways to pass the time, and what's most important when it comes to booking a trip. We listened. Introducing three new trips to Alaska, Croatia, and Norway. Each of these journeys is jam-packed with activities like hiking, biking, and fishing—with delicious food, fascinating cultures, and cozy base camps and boutique outposts to explore at the end of the trail. And as you know by now, each of our trips is entirely customized to the interests and fitness levels of you and your travel companions, making these three offerings perfect for families, couples, and singles alike. We can't wait to hear what you think.




CROATIA: Split to Dubrovnik

$4,685 | 11 days


Seeing Croatia for the first time is a life-changing experience. And to visit with the entire family, well that is something even more special! This 11-day adventure based on the green-blue waters of the Mediterranean is the ultimate way to get your feet wet in a brand new ocean. You'll get to fully immerse yourself in lush national parks teeming with flora and fauna and stunning waterfalls, and in glistening lavender- and citrus-scented islands in the sun-drenched Adriatic Sea. Every activity, from the windsurfing to the quad-riding, is appropriate for kids eight-years-old and up. Don't wait to bring them along—these are memories that will stay with your family forever.




ALASKA: Lake Clark National Park

$3,450 | 7 days


Alaska's wilderness has appealed to adventurers for ages, but so few get to experience the beauty of wild Alaska in person. On this week-long multi-sport adventure you get to do just that. You'll be based out of Twin Lakes in Lake Clark National Park. This is where Dick Proenneke, the Alaskan legend, built his cabin and lived year-round and on his own for 30 years. You'll explore his favorite trails, kayak undisturbed waters, and spy for wildlife while wilderness camping in the place Proenneke considered his backyard. Expert guides will serve tasty dishes and desserts that pair best with a dose of wilderness and help you set up comfortable camps that make you feel at home each night.




NORWAY: Molde to the Fjords

$4,800 | 8 days


Experience Norway like never before on this eight-day nautical journey. You'll summit staggering mountains, mountain bike first-class singletrack, and stand-up paddleboard along rugged coastline for a true adventure in the heart of the Norwegian fjords. Take over the Gassten, a wooden-hulled ship, with up to eight of your friends and family for the week of a lifetime. No matter what your days look like aboard the Gassten, you'll return safe and sound to the comfort of your berth for a dinner deep within the fjords.


Outside GO is an adventure travel company with decades of experience. We'd love to help you plan your next trip. Rest assured it will be authentic, stylish, and built around your wildest dreams.




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