Nestled between Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia lies the small country of Slovenia.  Famed for it's incredible outdoor recreation opportunities, Slovenia is the perfect escape for thrill-seekers who can appreciate the lure of pint-sized cities.


If Slovenia's cities are not as famed as neighboring Prague and its beaches are not as well known as others on the Adriatic sea, it is only due to lack of knowledge, and we have plenty of proof! Slovenia's tiny capital, Ljubljana, has everything needed to entice international travelers. Streetside cafes, abundant museums, creative shops, and exquisite Baroque architecture all grace the city with their charm. The sparkling turquoise waters of the Ljubljana river flow through the heart of the city, inviting you to sit by riverside and enjoy a glass of local wine. Then perhaps you'll leave the city behind and make your way to the Julian Alps, mountains that come with their own set of wonders. Take one look at Lake Bled and you'll be convinced you've fallen into a fairy tale. Even higher, you'll see the majestic Vršič Pass, the highest mountain pass in Slovenia, sitting at a whopping 5,285 feet high.  


Make your way to the Adriatic sea and you'll find the tiny Slovenian Riviera. Don't let the size fool you—the beaches here rival the nearby Croatian and Italian coasts. On the seaside you'll find Piran, a city that can boast one of the best preserved Old Towns on either side of the Adriatic. Whether you long to cycle mountain singletrack, ski the Julian alps, or ride horseback through countryside villages, Slovenia is the perfect undiscovered playground for you. 


Above all else, a trip to Slovenia is a trip to the great outdoors.