Greece has been a dream destination since ancient times. From politics to the arts and philosophy to architecture, Greece has a powerful connection to the rest of the western world. The almost unbelievable beauty of it all doesn't hurt either!

The country's fabled history is overflowing with larger than life stories and lauded people, and its contributions to society are still revered today. Everything about your stay in Greece is an event. You don't simply tour the Acropolis or walk the streets of Santorini. These are experiences that will capture your imagination, ensuring you never forget your love of this small but mighty country. A trip here is legendary, if only for the sheer variety of possibilities you can fill your days with. 


“Adventure is worthwhile."  - Aristotle


The historic wonder of Athens, with the majestic Parthenon perched above the city, is enlightening. The sun-drenched islands that dot the Aegean Sea are transcendent in their beauty. The wine and cheese the locals insist you try are delectable. Each facet of your trip will caress your senses in the best possible way. Greece is full of life and rich with culture. A trip to this renowned land is what dream trips are made of!