Though it boasts a deep and rich history, Cambodia has not been on the international travel radar for long. This newness leads to a country positively blooming with new and uncharted experiences. Step away from the hordes of tourists and escape into a kingdom of authentic adventure.


The juxtaposition of Phnom Penh's modern rush and the serenity of centuries-old Angkor Wat is what makes a trip to Cambodia so memorable. A journey through Cambodia encompasses new experiences every day, unique and different from anything prior. Siem Reap, with its claim to the majestic Angkor Wat, is a tried and true travel destination. Watching the sunrise over the towers and palms of this vast site is powerful beyond words. In the capital, Phnom Penh, the Royal Palace and surrounding museums invite you to pour over the country's history and the astounding buildings that house it. The mighty Mekong flows through the heart of the capital, pulsing with life as residents sell their wares from homemade rafts.  


Leaving the cities and temples behind, the countryside greets you with jungles, rice paddies, and stilted villages. Out here you'll find the coastal town of Sihanoukville, gateway to Cambodia's southern islands. Untouched by the massive growth that has hit the beaches of neighboring Thailand, these flawless islands are tropical paradise the way you've always wanted it. Or seek out the city of Battambang, where vestiges of French colonial rule can still be seen in the local building designs. 


Cambodia is more than it's architecture and verdant countryside. Its often tumultuous history has left its mark on the country, but the enduringly positive Cambodian people fill the country with a hopeful and forward-thinking spirit. The enchanting energy of the people may be the first thing you notice on arrival!