The land of malbec, mountains, and gauchos is begging to be explored. With its unique influences from neighboring countries and former colonial powers, Argentina is part European, part Latin American, and wholly individual.


Argentina has so much to brag about it's difficult to decide where to start. If the great outdoors speak to you, Argentina's vast landscapes won't fail to impress. Parque Nacional Los Glaciares rewards with spectacular views of the creeping glacier Perito Moreno, a stunningly massive wall of ice whose constant movement results in chunks of ice calving off the glacier in a sensational natural show. If you're a foodie, the scene in Buenos Aires will be your paradise. The spread of international cuisine can take you from one end of the globe to the other. Or strike a little closer to home at a Parrilla (steak restaurant) for an Argentinian specialty, complemented by a glass of famous local wine.  


Some of the highest peaks of the Andes are found in Argentina, offering magnificent backdrops as you trek through remote Patagonia.  

For those who seek cultural experiences above all else, stop in at a countryside hacienda. Herds of sheep and gauchos on horseback will greet you, whisking you back to a simpler time. Argentina's particular blend of old world hospitality, modern creature comforts, and timeless natural wonders is a recipe for the trip of a lifetime.