Tubu Tree Camp

Tubu Tree Camp



Located on Hunda Island in the floodplains of Botswana, Tubu Tree Camp is a destination of all trades famous for one thing—leopards.

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Tubu Tree Camp is One of Our Favorite Ways to Explore the Okavango Delta


Located on Hunda Island in the floodplains of Botswana, Tubu Tree Camp is a canvas oasis perched in the treetops above the Okavango Delta. 

Set in one of Africa's most wildlife-rich areas, Tubu is an excellent place to embark on both game drives and boat rides in traditional mokoro canoes. You can even try your hand at catch-and-release fishing in the reed-framed Okavango waterways for an extra unique spin on safari. And keep an eye out for leopards, which are plentiful in the area.

Staying at Tubu Tree is like staying in a giant treehouse. The eight private tents of Tubu are connected via wooden walkways raised above the delta floor, and for those with kids in tow, a larger family tent is available as well. Take in the scenery from your private deck or join the rest of your group at a spectacular open bar area in the shade of a marula tree—whose fruit is the source of a delicious South African liqueur, Amarula.

But don't let the amazing digs steal the main act in the delta floodplains—the wildlife. Aside from the famous leopard, you might spot elephant, lion, zebra, red lechwe, southern giraffe, tsessebe, and blue wildebeest on the floodplains. Kudu, impala, bushbuck and leopard are also seen in the forested areas. Don't forget to look to the skies! The variety of birdlife at Tubu is impressive, with dry-land species seen on the larger islands and a multitude of wetland birds seen on the floodplains and waterways. The exceptional guides of Tubu Tree will make sure you see it all, while having the best time in between sightings!

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"One of our favorite memories is our guide, Rhino, regaling us with a 10-minute highly animated African folklore tale as we glided through the delta in our mokoros; so animatedly in fact, I thought we were going to tip over several times."  

–Sandy Cunningham, Outside GO President






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