Pack for a Purpose



The only organization that you can support by traveling virtually anywhere in the world, Pack for a Purpose combines minimum effort with maximum impact.


With Pack For A Purpose, you can change the life of a student or outfit an entire underprivileged soccer team by leaving a bit of space in your suitcase open for supplies. Pack For a Purpose utilizes the resources available to first world travelers to improve the quality of life from Egypt to Namibia to Algeria to Kenya. Pack for a Purpose provides a list of supplies that various underprivileged communities, schools, and hospitals are in need of, but do not have access to and allows travelers the opportunity to bring these supplies with them on their trip. You can participate in the program almost anywhere in the world. Just check the site before you travel!



How it Works


1. Select your destination.

2. Find an accommodation or tour company and a project it supports.

3. Choose the supplies you wish to take from the specific items requested.

4. Drop off the supplies at the accommodation or tour company.

5. They will be delivered to the project; it’s that easy!


Easy Packing Examples


Use available space in your luggage to provide supplies to communities you visit. For 5 pounds (2.27 kilos), you can bring one of the following:

  • 400 pencils

  • 5 deflated soccer balls with an inflation device

  • A stethoscope, a blood pressure cuff and 500 band-aids

  • Pet supplies


Small Effort, Big Social Impact



Pack for a Purpose participants support over 500 education projects around the world. The projects include schools, after-school programs, and libraries, over 75 health projects around the world, and over 70 child welfare projects around the world. The projects include orphanages and group homes, and over 35 animal welfare projects around the world. The projects also include anti-poaching projects, animal conservation projects, animal clinics, and humane societies.





We've been supporting the efforts of Pack for a Purpose for decades. Join us in aiding communities around the world by traveling on one of the trips below.


"Outside GO is founded on its deep love of the wilderness and a passion for sharing it with others. We believe in empowering local people and supporting and partnering with extraordinary community-owned lodges and wildlife conservation projects." 

–Sandy Cunningham, Outside GO President



Pack for a Purpose


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