Lewa Wildlife Conservancy



Lewa Wildlife Conservancy is dedicated to the protection of the crucial species of African wildlife as well as the community that calls this region of Africa home.

With a 62,000-acre conservancy where elephants roam freely across grassy plains protected from poachers, Lewa is dedicated to the preservation of the Grevy's Zebra and Black and White Rhino—two species that have inhabited this land for centuries. Lewa also works with neighboring communities to instill a philosophy that “wildlife is an asset, not a liability,” an idea essential to the very fabric of Africa’s economy and industries. With Outside GO, you can join Lewa on their journey and experience luxurious safari days or sunny days by the pool, all while contributing to their preservation and conservation efforts. Stay at Lewa on our Conservation Safari or our classic Bush Homes Safari, or have us build your own itinerary entirely with a stop at Lewa.



Rights for Rhinos


In September 2014, Lewa and neighboring property Borana removed the fence separating the two areas to create one conservation landscape for the benefit of the rhino. With the fence removed, this landscape now tops 93,000 acres and is one of the biggest private rhino reserves in Kenya. By January 2017, the landscape had a combined black rhino population of 83 as well as 74 white rhinos, which constitute 15% of Kenya's entire rhino population. The area is protected against the threat of poachers with high-tech surveillance and they have never lost a rhino.


Wildlife Relocation


Lewa is home to between 100-500 elephant, depending on the season of the year. The Conservancy is happy to offer a safe refuge to elephant during heightened cases of insecurity in other areas. To allow the elephants safe passage across a central roadway that runs to the forests of Mount Kenya, Lewa created an elephant underpass that has been hugely successful. 


Community Comes First


Lewa sustains an incredible amount of community support. Their initiatives include community healthcare, water management, forestry, agricultural development, youth programs, and even a women's specific micro-credit program. With these hands-on programs and clinics, Lewa has helped provide not only crucial financial and health support but an unparalleled sense of community in the region.




We've been supporting the efforts of Lewa Wilderness Conservancy for decades. Join us in the protection of wildlife, wilderness areas, and communities by traveling to one of the safaris below.


"Outside GO is founded on its deep love of the wilderness and a passion for sharing it with others. We believe in empowering local people and supporting and partnering with extraordinary community-owned lodges and wildlife conservation projects." 

–Sandy Cunningham, Outside GO President



Lewa Wilderness Conservancy


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