Unexplored Patagonia

Unexplored Patagonia



Diving in and exploring the unseen corners of Patagonia in all its rugged, untamed beauty. Cycle, boat and trek your way through deep Patagonia.

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In a world of ever-increasing connectivity a craving for pure adventure and unaltered landscapes is growing. Outside GO is ready to answer that craving, and where better than the isolated reaches of an area famous for being remote? Northern Patagonia is a hidden treasure trove of rivers, old-growth forests, glaciers, and fjords.


Visiting Patagonia cannot be described as simply sightseeing. Travel here is an experience that requires a bit of effort on the part of the traveler. Getting into the action of Patagonia is part of the thrill and our travelers know that well. Hiking, biking, rafting, and trekking through this majestic landscape are on the itinerary each day. Experiencing Chile and Argentina's natural wonders deserves to be enjoyed firsthand, and that is precisely what this journey offers. Read on to find out exactly what incredible adventures we have planned for you.

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Day 1



From the moment your flight touches down in Chile you will be swept up in the warm and inviting culture and the wonderful Chilean people who call Santiago home. Before you jet off to explore the southern tip of the continent, you'll get a feel for city life in Santiago. A tour of the city's most important sites, exciting neighborhoods, and a trip to the top of Cerra San Cristobal Hill for exquisite views of the cityscape are all arranged for you. Retire to your boutique hotel for a night of well earned rest, eagerly anticipating the start of your adventure!


Day 2



A short flight brings you to the Aysen region of Patagonia, where your epic journey truly begins as you travel south along the Carretera Austral. This 770 mile highway stretches deep into Chile's far south, serving a mere 100,000 people along its winding way. A drive on the Carretera Austral brings you a breathtakingly unique view of rural Patagonia. Thick forests and steep mountains pass by your window, enveloping you in a world of intense natural beauty. The jagged peaks of Cerro Castillo, towering above travelers at 8,776 feet, is a special treat to those who pass along this highway system. As the inviting lights of Puerto Tranquilo come into view, you'll find your lodging for the evening. On the shores of General Carrera lake El Puesto is waiting to welcome you to your first night in Northern Patagonia.


Days 3, 4, 5



The rivers, trails, and lakes of Patagonia Park are your playground for the next three days. General Carrera lake is the second largest lake in South America and aboard a kayak you have the opportunity to explore the lake and its famous marble caves. Words don't do justice to the enchanting turquoises and blues reflected in the waters or the mesmerizing patterns in the rocks themselves. Kayaking through these fabled caves is an other-worldly experience. You arrive at Estancia Chacabuco, a luxe wilderness lodge, after an exhilarating white water rafting trip down Baker river. Your next two days come with a spread of trekking options, choose the landscapes and difficulty levels that appeal to you and be on your way! Head up a mountainside or take the refreshing walk to a local swim spot, choose from exploring a nearby farm and greenhouse or set out for a gorgeous scenic overlook. Wherever you end up you'll be surrounded by the glorious expanse of this beautiful land!


Days 6, 7



More adventure awaits further south and on day six you'll once again find yourself driving down the Carretera Austral, this time heading all the way to its end point in Villa O'Higgins. On each side of the winding road there are green mountains dotted by waterfalls, views of the curving river below in the canyon, and often, condors flying overhead. Where the road ends a ferry waits to bring you to your final destination of Robinson Crusoe Lodge. Villa O'Higgins, so far removed from the standard tourist track is home to absolutely pristine nature. Hike your way to a stunning viewpoint at Lago Ciervo, or trek along the lakeshore of Lago Christie getting close to Meyers Pass and the Argentinian border. Head into Villa O'Higgins, a village of 500, for a window into life in deep Patagonia.


Day 8



Set your sights on Argentina as you set off for a day of traveling across the border. One of our favorite parts of traveling through Patagonia is the incredibly gorgeous views that never stop amazing you, even on travel days! A ferry ride across Lago O'Higgins gives you ample time to relax and watch the world pass by in all its glory. Once you've reached the opposite bank a 16 kilometer hike across sprawling rolling hills brings you across the border, into Argentina. A short boat ride later and you'll arrive at Aguas Arriba Lodge, an isolated lodge of immaculate natural beauty. This lakeside haven, with it's gorgeous alpine styling, would not be out of place in a resort town high in the Rockies, but tucked away in a remote corner of the Argentine Patagonia means only a few lucky guests have the chance to enjoy its charms. This hand picked lodge is a gem we're thrilled to share with you.


Days 9, 10, 11



Before leaving Aguas Arriba you'll have privileged access to Huemul Glacier. A one hour climb brings you to the glacier and the stunning sky-blue lagoon that sits at its base. The seclusion of this area means you will be one of few to enjoy this stunning glacier and all the surrounding beauty. After your return you'll be transferred to Hosteria El Pilar, an antique country house within the boundaries of Los Glaciares National Park. El Pilar provides the perfect place from which to explore the northern sprawl of this park. Your hike on day ten ends at Laguna de los Tres, for one of the closest views of the colossal Mount Fitz Roy. A view this majestic deserves to be appreciated, and we could think of no better way to end your trip than with a farewell trek to this incredible spot. At 11,020 feet this mountain is easily Argentine Patagonia's most famous sight and the views from Laguna de los Tres are nothing short of spectacular. You'll leave Argentina with the view fresh in your memory, already dreaming for your return trip.



  • Get a taste of city life on a tour of Santiago's most famous sights

  • Learn the twists and turns of Northern Patagonia as you ride along the storied Carretera Austral

  • Kayak the legendary marble caves of General Carrera Lake

  • Raft, hike, and boat your way to your remote lodges

  • Choose your trek based on what you want to see and your difficulty level

  • A combination of active adventure and untouched wilderness



Unexplored Patagonia


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