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The Middle Fork of Idaho's Salmon River is 104 miles of rapids, hot springs, dramatic views and phenomenal fishing. We happen to think that a rafting trip down the river, exploring by day and wilderness camping by night is the only way to experience it.

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Imagine a legendary rafting adventure mixed with a cutthroat trout bonanza in a wilderness so rugged that every settlement has failed—that’s the River of No Return.


The Middle Fork of the Salmon River is one of the most legendary whitewater rivers in the world. Not ones for leaving creature comforts behind, our outfitters bring everything you could need on this fly-fishing pilgrimage into a truly breathtaking riverine wilderness. Our 6-day getaway is just enough time to soak up the wilderness, wet a line, dodge some rocks and come back energized.

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Day 1


The Middle Fork is a fast, plummeting river that winds through a breathtaking canyon and today you begin the journey downriver! Your launch point sits at 6,000 feet above sea level and the river pulls you deeper into a wilderness you wouldn't want to experience any other way.  Each bend in the river reveals a new, breath-taking view and you'll be quickly absorbed into a lush fir and spruce forest.  Your vantage point inside the raft lets you feel the change as you move from shallow, boulder-choked rapids to steadier, deeper waters and back again.  

As you pull out of the river for the day you'll be greeted with a riverside encampment so rich and inviting you'll wonder if you've stepped into a charming safari camp. Before retiring to your expansive walled tents (the largest on the river!) you'll be treated to a gourmet meal, prepared in a riverside full-service kitchen.  The dining table, dressed with linens and fine china, invites you to pull up a chair and indulge on the sumptuous flavors being created for you.  When the day's excitement winds down you'll find a carpeted tent and elevated beds waiting to treat you to a night of blissful sleep.  You'll doze off to the river's symphony and the sounds of the Idaho wilderness, eagerly awaiting the rest of the week's adventures.


Days 2, 3, 4, 5


From open grassy meadows and rolling hills to soaring cliffs dotted with rocky mountain bighorn sheep, gigantic groves of ponderosa pines provide perfect camping shade, and rocky plateaus open up to reveal the intimidating sheer rock faces that seem to plunge into the river.  This vast wilderness was once home to the Tukudeka, or Sheepeaters (the Native American tribes who used to inhabit these deep canyons and hunted the bighorn sheep found on the perilous canyon ledges), and now it plays host to you and your rafting party.  Each day dawns bright with opportunity, ready for you to create your perfect itinerary.

Your mornings can begin with yoga on the riverbank or simply relaxing in a camp chair with a steaming cup of coffee.  Fill your day with hikes, canoeing, fly-fishing, kayaking, and rafting the rapids.  With mammoth cargo rafts carrying a variety of watercrafts, your choice of travel is all up to you! Your guides are immeasurably experienced and always know which hikes will lead you to the most stunning views, where to cast your line, which rapids will get your adrenaline pumping, and how to entertain you around the evening bonfire.  Side excursions to waterfalls and old mining claims keep the days varied and always fascinating.  And, if the adventure ever becomes too much for you, a massage and a soak in the nearby hot springs can always be arranged.

Every evening the candlelit table, cozy flannel bedding, and roaring bonfire welcome you home from the river.  As you settle into a routine in this incredible wilderness you'll wonder how you can ever leave such an enchanting place?


Day 6


As you wake on your final morning an air of excitement and anticipation hangs over the camp. Today is the day the river shows you what she's made of. As a final farewell the Middle Fork's greatest rapids serve as the epilogue to your grand adventure. Plunging down between the canyon walls you'll speed past boulders and crashing waves with your guides shouting encouragement the whole way. This heart-stopping ride will be everything you've waited for, a perfect finale to your week in the wilderness. You'll leave the river behind with new friends, unforgettable memories, and lifelong bragging rights for confronting "the river of no return".



Our expert guide, Steve Lentz, has been running the River of No Return for more than 30 years, and he knows by heart the most thrilling yet safest line to row through each of the Middle Fork rapids without missing a fishing hole. Ever the innovator, Steve is always looking for ways to enhance the comfort and experience of his guests. His guides are world-class, having literally traveled the world, guiding and adventuring, and had to earn their way onto the team. They are personable, bright, service-oriented, and truly good people all around. Experience, level of service, pro guides, and choice set Steve and his team apart. No other river company offers a comparable array of equipment and service options for clients. A full flotilla of boats offers more paddling opportunities and allows guests to reinvent their vacation each day.



  • A chance to conquer one of America's first "Wild and Scenic Rivers" protected by congress

  • World class guides who know all the hidden gems of the surrounding wilderness - they'll find the best hikes, fishing spots, kayak runs, and photo ops

  • Two mammoth cargo rafts carry everything needed to make your nightly camp in complete luxury, with no comfort spared

  • A full menu of excursions mean you can hike up canyon walls, do yoga on the riverside, or try your hand at fly-fishing




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