Australian Coast in Style

Australian Coast in Style



Australia is a continent of vast distances and uncharted landscapes so remote that only the locals know how to best experience it in true Aussie style. 

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Australia is a continent of vast distances and uncharted landscapes so remote that only the locals know how to best experience it in true Aussie style.


Join us for an incredible trip to the land Down Under, packed full of larger-than-life adventures and brimming with culture, good eats, and a guaranteed excellent suntan. This incredible 15-day journey takes you from Sydney to tropical north Queensland. You'll get to meet the wildlife of Kangaroo Island while soaking up the rugged coastline beauty of iconic Southern Ocean Lodge, experience the spectacular Daintree Rainforest while enjoying the elegant Silky Oaks lodge, and finally, relax in style at Orpheus Island located on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. 

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Day 1, 2, 3

Arrival in Sydney



The cosmopolitan hub of Australia welcomes you with an itinerary chock-full of Sydney’s most enduring attractions. A private driving and sailing tour of Sydney, complete with a passionate and knowledgeable guide, is the perfect way to gain some understanding of the city you’ll be exploring. Day two brings with it two of the most iconic Sydney experiences. Trek catwalks, scale ladders, and hike the arch until you reach the summit of Sydney Harbour Bridge, 134 meters above Sydney Harbour. The feat will leave you breathless and the views will leave you enchanted. With the wind whipping around you, be sure to soak up the unique perspective of Sydney Opera House, your next stop! An hour private tour awaits you, with a guide who will easily evoke the passion, drama, and betrayal that call the House home. If your days in Sydney are exciting, your evenings can be even more so. Your lodging is at the Four Seasons Hotel, right off the harbour so you are never far from a breath-taking view. The Four Seasons puts you close to the city’s vibrant shopping and business centers, where every traveler will find something exhilarating to fill their time.


Day 4, 5, 6

Kangaroo Island



You may be sorry to see the vibrant lights of Sydney fade behind you, but what lies ahead will capture you the moment you step off the plane. Kangaroo Island, a wilderness paradise, plays host to Southern Ocean Lodge, your home for the next three nights. The rugged stretch of coast where the lodge sits is secluded and exclusive, with the surrounds full of rich and varied wildlife. Days spent at the lodge can be as thrilling or as relaxing as you desire. Complimentary excursions, offering up close and personal experiences with the local flora and fauna (kangaroos!), pair perfectly with healing treatments at the inhouse spa. Whether you wish to spend your days exploring every bend and curve of the wild coastline or simply soaking in the exquisite beauty of the Southern Ocean, this lodge is the perfect escape.


Day 7




Before you say au revoir to your island paradise you will have the absolute privilege of a private tour with Exceptional Kangaroo Island. Craig Wickham, the founder of Exceptional Kangaroo Island, is a former wildlife ranger, a true islander and an Outside GO favorite! This unique, local take on the island comes from outdoor enthusiasts who play the roles of naturalists, historians, driver, guides, and storytellers. You will leave with an exclusive view on what Kangaroo Island is to those who call it home, and a greater appreciation for it’s beauty. A short plane ride later, you will land in Adelaide, for a short stay back in metropolitan comforts. The posh Mayfair Hotel, found in the heart of the city, is located in a heritage-listed building, adding to it’s feel of refined luxury. Palm tree lined boulevards, a vibrant arts and live-music scene, and multicultural restaurants and pubs beckon you to enjoy your night in Australia’s ‘coastal capital’.


Day 8, 9

Daintree Rainforest



A morning flight whisks you cross-country to a brand new take on Australia’s tropics at Silky Oaks Lodge. The Daintree rainforest reaches out and enfolds the lodge in lush, verdant scenery. Stilted rooms and guest areas, connected by raised platforms, give the perception of being constantly enveloped in the jungle. Spend time with a local Aboriginal tour guide, learning about culturally significant areas and the relationships the Kuku Yalanji still have with their land. Finish off the excursion by cooling off in a pristine freshwater stream. Spectacular vistas and intimate views are to be found on your private cruise through the rainforest's waterways as you pass by rugged mountains, deep gorges, and flowing rivers and waterfalls, always keeping a hopeful eye out for a crocodiles, rainforest lizards, tropical birds, and maybe even marsupials!


Day 10, 11, 12, 13

Great Barrier Reef



Located amidst the magical waters of the Great Barrier Reef, Orpheus is a secluded island hideaway, accommodating just 28 indulged guests at any one time. The abundant bucket list experiences Orpheus offers will assuredly keep you busy, excitedly jumping from one once-in-a-lifetime activity to another. Dive sites with enormous variety, fisherman’s playgrounds, and myriad pristine coves and reefs waiting to be explored on your own motorized dinghy are all at your fingertips. Tourists flock to Australia by the millions, with almost 2 million eagerly filling the the Great Barrier Reef to experience it’s legendary views. Your stay at Orpheus gives you not only the magnificent views of the fabled reef, but the privacy to enjoy it as it should be seen.


Day 14, 15




After a last tropical breakfast on Orpheus Island say goodbye to the tropical waters and sun-kissed beaches, as you turn your sights back to the mainland. Tonight you will find yourself, once again, taking in the impressive harbour views from the Four Seasons Hotel Sydney. One last night in Sydney means one last night to go visit that favorite restaurant you found last week or a chance to try out the one you missed! Visit shops, walk the streets, eat ice cream on the beach, and try to soak up memories of this wonderful city before retiring to your hotel that night.



  • Experience the hum of downtown Sydney

  • Escape in a treehouse high in the jungle canopy

  • Mountain bike and hike on trails near the Southern Ocean

  • Snorkel, kayak, and fish the Great Barrier Reef

  • Full of exclusive, complimentary surprises for Outside GO travelers

  • Suitable for kids of all ages

  • A perfectly balanced mixture of high adrenaline, urban exploration, and relaxation

  • Climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge




Coastal Australia

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