Alaska, Where the Wild Never Ends

Alaska, Where the Wild Never Ends



Once aboard either the Mist Cove or Liseron you will sail deep into this primeval labyrinth where you will have the opportunity to explore the forest in myriad different ways.

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The Tongass National Forest is the last substantially intact temperate rainforest on earth and the largest national forest in the United States encompassing 17 million acres of jaw-dropping raw beauty.


It is home to an incredible array of wildlife: whales, salmon, eagles, sea lions, bears, sea otters, deer, orcas, and more. Its topography of high mountain peaks, glaciers, deep fjords, islands, and thick forests allows for few roads. The only practical way to experience what the Tongass has to offer is by boat.

This eight-day itinerary aboard either the Mist Cove or Liseron is flexible and spontaneous, and can be tailored to accommodate your interests and fitness level. With one crew member for every two guests, the choice of daily activities is yours: kayaking, beach-combing, fishing for salmon, trout, or halibut, hiking through ancient forests, whale watching, and relaxing on the fantail with a cool drink and a good book are just a few of the options. You will not only view this magnificent place from the deck as you cruise by, but you’ll get off the boat and touch it!

We have partnered with the only non-profit boating company in Alaska, and 100 percent of profits go towards conserving this incredible place. The itinerary below is a sample of the anchorages you might explore during your journey, but keep in mind the exact route changes every time. For example, your boat will sail either from Sitka to Juneau or Juneau to Sitka based on your departure date. Each trip is also contingent on weather and the interests of the passengers.

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Day 1

Sitka, Alaska



Sitka is a remote fishing community located southwest of Juneau on Baranof Island, easily reached by plane. Arrive on one of several flights per day and check into the Sitka Westmark Hotel. Enjoy exploring the quaint town for a day before embarking on your sea safari.


Day 2

Sukoi Inlet



Sleep in, enjoy a late checkout, and meet the crew in the hotel lobby to be transported to the dock for a safety orientation before departure. The first night aboard will be spent in scenic Sukoi Inlet on Kruzof Island—keep an eye out for bald eagles and sea lions along the way. After a short cruise and an exquisite dinner on board, visit with old and new friends in the ship’s comfortable salon or stroll the deck soaking in the beauty and serenity of Southeast Alaska. If you haven’t already done so, don’t forget to take a few minutes this evening to buy a fishing license from your Captain.


Day 3

Sounds & Narrows



Not far from the night’s anchorage is a popular saltwater sport fishing area, Salisbury Sound, where you can troll for salmon and halibut aboard a skiff. Your catch will be custom-processed by the crew, vacuum packed and frozen, and shipped straight to your home. Alternatively, the ship’s Chef is happy to share recipes and prepare your catch for dinner. If fishing doesn’t interest you, join in a skiff-tour along the rocky shoreline to spot sea otters in company with an on-board naturalist who will share insights into the history of the region. By lunchtime, return to the ship to haul anchor and head through Sergius Narrows into Peril Strait where you will cruise until reaching Saook Bay in time for dinner. After dinner, your crew can launch kayaks for you to paddle quietly around the anchorage, savoring the wonder of your first full day in the wilds of Alaska.


Day 4

Flats & Bays



The stream at the head of Saook Bay flows through a grassy beach estuary, appropriately named Paradise Flats—a haven for fly fishermen. Spend the morning here casting for Dolly Varden char and Cutthroat trout (or, later in the season, pink salmon) and after lunch head along the coast of Baranof Island into the broad sheltered waters of Chatham Strait. During an afternoon cruise you will likely spot Humpback whales, Dalls porpoises, Steller sea lions and maybe, if you’re lucky, Orcas. You will have choices of activities every day, and the ship’s crew-to-guest ratio is such that you can go off in small groups with a knowledgeable staff member to explore according to your interests.


Day 5

Admirantly Island



Early risers may go kayaking before breakfast, where you might see harbor seals and harlequin ducks. Both have little fear of kayakers on the water. Later, motoring south on the ship, cruise along the waterfall coast of Baranof Island, one of the most scenic coastal wilderness areas in Southeast Alaska. Fly fish in the river at the head of the bay, or take a short hike up onto the brick red bluffs, which gives this place its name. After the hike, return to the ship and embark for Pybus Bay on Admiralty Island where you’ll spend the night. The local Tlingit tribe’s name for Admiralty Island is Kootznoowoo, which means “fortress of the bears.”


Day 6

Brothers Island



Today is the final opportunity for hiking and fishing, and the best has been saved for last. After breakfast head out in the skiffs toting packed lunches towards Brothers Islands. Lying just off the mouth of Pybus Bay, the islands are notable for their unique mossy terrain. A gentle walk through the lush rainforest leads you to a wild stretch of rocky beach. Great numbers of Steller sea lions will sometimes haul out onto some of these beaches, and you’ll carefully approach these noisy “rookeries” by skiff without disturbing the sunbathing animals. Halibut fishing in Pybus Bay is often productive, as is fly-fishing or spin casting for Pink salmon or Dolly Varden char in nearby Donkey Creek. Bald eagles perch in the treetops waiting for an opportunity to snatch an unwary fish from the water. Bears are common here, and your fishing guides on shore will carry a tackle box under one arm and a shotgun, just in case, under the other.


Days 7, 8

Fjords and Glaciers



You are bound today for either Tracy Arm or Endicott Arm, two spectacular fjords carved deep into the Coast Range by rivers of ice. Both these inlets feature tidewater glaciers, so navigation can be made challenging at times by the presence of floating icebergs. If the entrance to one fjord is blocked, you will enter the other, with the objective to cruise to the head of a fjord and approach to within about a mile of the face of a glacier, where you might see great chunks of ice, some the size of the ship, crash into the ocean in a frenzy of foam and spray. Late in the day, you’ll leave the fjords behind and anchor in Taku Harbor, not far from Juneau, where guests enjoy a particularly sumptuous dinner, followed by an underground tour of the ship’s engine room. A celebratory toast with the crew afterwards marks the end of your iceberg safari, but the beginning of your love affair with the mighty Alaskan wilderness.



  • Access parts of Alaska that are off the beaten path, only accessible by boat
  • Meet and get to know a group of like-minded adventurers and travelers from around the world while on board
  • Fish, kayak, hike, and more while at destinations along the way
  • Keep an eye out for classic Pacific Northwest wildlife, including humpback whales, grizzly bears, and bald eagles
  • Understand conservation and ecological efforts in the Tongass National Forest 
  • Take home your fresh-caught fish that the crew has expertly packed and vacuum sealed



Where the Wild Never Ends

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