Why Travel to Antarctica with Outside GO


Why Travel to Antarctica with Outside GO

Outside GO’s expert, Laura Gerwin, explains why your next trip should be to Antarctica.



Outside GO believes in the power of adventure travel, which is why I am here to share the power of Antarctica. After having personally spent more than 30 months in Antarctica over the last decade (including a recent trip with Outside GO), I can say with certainty that no one does Antarctica like we do.


If you are seeking a destination absolutely incomparable to anywhere else on the planet, this is it. Outside GO offers the ultimate when it comes to your Antarctic experience—we fly you across the Drake Passage so that you can spend your valuable time experiencing the world’s best expedition boats, getting you closer to the unique landscape you’ve traveled so far to see.

And right now, we're booking availability aboard the new Magellan Explorer and one of our favorite ships, the Ocean Nova, for the 2019-2020 season.

The austral summer, December through February, is a magical time on the Antarctic Peninsula. The sun illuminates the textures of the ice nearly 24 hours a day. Luxury expedition style cruising with Outside GO offers the opportunity to enjoy and explore one of the most remote lands on the planet. 

Spend your days creating extraordinary memories and moments with your friends and family playing in Mother Nature’s home. Here, zodiacs zoom among turquoise icebergs, fields of ice, and wildlife-filled waters. Hike the peaks of mountain tops dotted with penguins. Explore history frozen in time as the polar explorers left it. Kayak between floating ice formations and listen to the sound of silence. Gain knowledge of some of the most fascinating science being conducted on earth in the cavities between an ice shelf and the seabed, and look deep into space with the neutrino telescope. 

Antarctica is a destination for the curious and passionate traveler—a special type of tourist that is ready to take time to reflect, have patience to realize that nature is in control, and the flexibility to make the most of this spectacular experience. Here you can forget the outside world and breathe deeply. Take time to remember that there are other senses beyond sight. Feel inspired by the extreme beauty and fresh frozen air of far-away landscapes and wildlife found nowhere else in the world. 

A journey to the Ends of the Earth is a journey that will make you feel alive, refreshed, and inspired. Discover a place that is far more than the mind can contemplate. Experience the magic of Antarctica.

I look forward to making your Antarctic dreams come true!

Laura Gerwin


Set sail with us on your arctic adventure.




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Why Travel to Antarctica


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