Lion Sands Game Reserve


Sleeping Beneath the Stars


Sleep beneath the stars at one of South Africa's coolest base camps


 Photos: Lion Sands Game Reserve

Photos: Lion Sands Game Reserve


Every fiber in our bodies screams Outside, which is why we are constantly on the prowl for the ultimate outdoor-adventure camps. The best let you sleep under the stars with just enough netting to shield you from pesky mosquitoes while offering unonstructed views of big night skies. Our quest for the ultimate stargazing camps begins in South Africa at Lion Sands Private Game Reserve. Three perfectly positioned, architecturally inspiring treehouses, each with an ever-changing panorama of spectacular views, offer up a dazzling experience.


Tinyeleti Treehouse


The Tinyeleti Treehouse sits boldly, balancing on a pretty platform overlooking the Sabie River. Large enough to fit four, this is the perfect pad for families looking for a little adventure, as the wildlife along the riverbank can keep you up at night. Not that anyone would try to sleep anyway.


Chalkley Treehouse


Built into a 500-year-old South African leadwood tree, the Chalkley Treehouse is hauntingly beautiful. It perches above the grasslands with vistas to the horizon beyond. And when the sun sets, the skeletal branches of the leadwood are adorned with hurricane lanterns, making sure you don’t miss the view.


Kingston Treehouse


Unlike the open-air designs of the previous retreats, the Kingston Treehouse is swathed in large, transparent sheets of glass. Settled on top of a giant outcropping of ancient boulders, the Kingston is contemporary and ravishingly understated.

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Lion Sands Game Reserve


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