Elephant Watch Camp


Elephant Watch Camp



This eco-lodge in northern Kenya was founded by one of the most passionate conservation families in all of Africa

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Elephant Watch Camp in Kenya is steeped in history and magic. It was founded by Saba Douglas-Hamilton's  legendary conservation activist mother, Oria, as a place for guests to be immersed in the wild and rugged Samburu lands with some of the greatest elephant populations in northern Kenya. The camp sits on the sandy banks of the Ewaso Nyiro River beneath Kigelia and Acacia trees in Samburu National Reserve. As the name implies, the elephants are the stars of the show and make this destination a favorite for anyone with an affinity for big, friendly wildlife.


ADAPTED FROM: Saba Douglas-Hamilton

Why Elephant Watch


Elephant Watch is the ultimate eco-lodge, blazing a trail for others to follow by nurturing a holistic, profoundly meaningful and proactive engagement with the wild world. The intimate connection of watching elephants with the camp’s highly trained guides is completely different from any other experience in Africa. Here, your dreams of an African adventure without compromise come true. Spend magical days among wild animals with charming guides and meet leading conservationists in the field. Return to camp to immerse yourself in luxury tents with charm that are highly sensitive to the fragility of the environment. Let the commotions of modern life dissolve as your soul is soothed by its reconnection with nature in this Kenyan retreat.


Full Wildlife Experience


Trained by Save the Elephants to recognize 900 individual elephants on sight, Elephant Watch Camp guides know Samburu’s intricate elephant family structures intimately. They remember each elephant’s family history, stretching back 17 years, and can authoritatively interpret the complex relationships in herds that sometimes comprise of several hundred animals. In addition, recruited as local experts by Ewaso Lions to help gather information on predators, they can identify all lion, leopard, and cheetah by name, and are equally enthusiastic about giraffe, oryx, monkeys, and crocodiles. They are justifiably proud of their sharp eyes and detailed knowledge, and we are proud of our partnership with them to create an experience that is uniquely Samburu and that gives something back to this beautiful land.


"Together with our amazing team of Samburu nomads at Elephant Watch Camp, we try to enchant guests with all things Africa and elephant to win people over to the conservation cause. Promoting a respectful and compassionate relationship with wildlife at all times, we work closely with Save the Elephants to raise awareness worldwide about the ivory crisis, lobby opinion-makers and raising funds for anti-poaching efforts." –Saba Douglas-Hamilton


Samburu Culture and More


Those of you who desire a little more than epic elephant viewing during your stay, have no fear. Elephant Watch Camp features much more than daily game drives. Take a sunrise walk through the bush with Samburu warriors, followed by a visit to the local village. Your afternoon might consist of a hike up the sacred mountain Ol Donyo Sapache with a picnic at the top as eagles soar just beyond your fingertips, or perhaps a helicopter ride across northern Kenya for another kind of bird's eye view. Maybe you'd prefer to shop for handmade jewelry at the nomadic community shop, or recline with a good book on the private patio of your tent. At sunset, find yourself participating in a traditional Samburu dance as the sun falls beneath the horizon. Whatever your dream day at Elephant Watch Camp consists of, you'll be sure to fall into your whimsical bed each night completely full —mind, body, and soul. 



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Elephant Watch Camp


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