Antarctica is an enigma. It looms, always present, at the bottom of our maps, calling to travelers of intrepid spirit. It lacks a native population—a unique claim not shared by any other land mass. The only people to tell its stories are explorers and adventurers. A glance across the terrain might make you believe there is nothing here at all, but the few who journey here can assure you, Antarctica is so much more than what meets the eye.

The white splash on the bottom of classroom globes does nothing to bring to mind the mighty array of colors Antarctica boasts. The ombre of blues on the ice and the vibrant green and rich navy of the water. The bright gold that adorns the flocks of king penguins and the the stark black eyes that watch curiously from the seal colony. These colors paint a tapestry of beauty we rarely associate with Antarctica, but a tapestry we believe needs to be shared.  


A trip to Antarctica isn't solely about watching the scenery as you sail by—although we won't blame you if that's all you want to do! The south pole comes with a surprising amount to do. On an Antarctic cruise you have privileged access to the wonders of the 7th continent. Leave the boat behind for some snowshoeing on the snowy hills, or get even closer to the water on kayaks as you weave between glaciers and under ice formations. For an even more (literally) breath-taking experience, dive right into the frigid waters of the Antarctic sea! If you're looking for the type of destination that will never be described as touristy, you've found it.